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Want to watch Romanian television in the US, Great Britain, or another country? Streaming makes this very easy to do. If you know how to use a VPN service, nothing will stand in the way of accessing it. No matter if you are from Romania and want to know what’s going on in your country, if you want to learn the Romanian language or just feel connected to the country, this article will help you access Romanian television from any country in the world.

How can I access Romanian television despite geo-blocking?

From a purely technical standpoint, streaming foreign television is not a problem. What stands in the way of this is something known as geo-blocking. Many television stations make their programs available abroad, but not all of the time and not every program.

So what is the solution? Imagine being in Romania or in a country where there are no geo-blocking restrictions. A VPN service makes this possible by simulating a Romanian IP address. This makes the program broadcaster believe you are watching directly from Romania when in reality, you are somewhere else entirely. The geographical restrictions are thus neatly circumvented.

What’s more, using a VPN client is quite simple and doesn’t require any in-depth expertise. Simply download our software for the operating system of your choice and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Shellfire VPN is currently available for the following operating systems:

For only about 5 € a month, you can access the Premium version of our VPN service. In return, we offer you secure and anonymous surfing through 35 server locations worldwide. In addition to a Romanian IP address, you can select multiple other addresses, thus circumventing the geo-blocking restrictions of various countries, allowing you to access the local TV programming.

If you are abroad and would like to watch your local television channels, it works the other way round as well. Simply select an IP address, no matter where you are, and then watch the local stations offerings as usual.

Where can I watch the major Romanian TV stations’ content?

Most Romanian stations have a website with a media library that can be viewed with your browser or apps for iOS and Android. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the most important Romanian TV stations and, if possible, links to their media libraries.

We are constantly trying to keep this list up to date. If you notice a link to a channel that is missing from our list, you are welcome to notify us. Also, if one of the links no longer work, be sure to let us know!

Romanian Streaming F.A.Q

Isn’t it illegal to use a VPN?

Note: The following paragraph does not constitute legal advice.

Don’t worry! Using a VPN client is completely legal. In individual cases, you might violate the terms and conditions of a streaming provider. With free media libraries, however, the risk is usually very low.

Can I also stream Romanian shows on my Smart TV?

Yes, and it even works on Smart TVs that do not actually support VPN. To facilitate this, we offer the Shellfire Box our Plug-&-Play VPN router. In the following video, we explain how to use it:

As you can see, the Shellfire Box makes it very easy to use our VPN service from devices that normally don’t support VPN. Examples of such devices are PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Android TV or the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Want to know more about our Shellfire Box? Click here!


Streaming Romanian television online is no longer a problem thanks to our VPN service. No matter where you are, with a Romanian IP you simply appear to be in the broadcast area. Even with devices that do not normally support VPN services, we can help you circumvent geo-blocking with our innovative Shellfire Box. In addition, VPN allow you to surf the Internet safely and anonymously.

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