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Netherlands VPN: Simulating a Dutch IP Address – How-To Guide

The Netherlands is widely recognized as one of the most progressive countries in terms of internet freedom. There are no censorship or access restrictions imposed on online content. Moreover, the country offers a diverse selection of server locations, which generally deliver high-speed connections. With Shellfire, you have the opportunity to...

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Accessing ChatGPT Anywhere: Bypassing Blocking

ChatGPT is a text and voice-based chatbot that is trainable and serves as an idea generator, source of inspiration, and assistant. It was developed by OpenAI and utilizes a neural network to generate responses. As an AI, the system performs a remarkably diverse range of tasks, resulting in communication that...

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How to set up a VPN connection on your Asus VPN Router

  • 21st Nov, 2018

Why should I use a VPN router? There are a number of reasons why your might want to connect to a VPN server using a hardware router: The router allows you to connect devices to the VPN which otherwise have no VPN functionality at all (Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Google...

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Tutorial – Connecting the Shellfire Box to a Wifi Hotspot

  • 13th Dec, 2016

In order to connect to the internet, the Shellfire Box normally requires a wired internet connection. The built-in wifi chip can then be used to connect any wireless device to the Shellfire Box. Thanks to the large amount of feedback we received from you, we have now learned that many...

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