Frequently Asked Questions

For Windows users, we recommend downloading ShellfireVPN for Windows. The setup process is easy and does not require any time-consuming manual configuration.
Shellfire VPN is also available for MacOS here.

For Android users, there is the Shellfire VPN app on Google play.

In order to use Shellfire VPN on your iPhone or iPad, please download our app from the App Store.

If you prefer setting up the VPN connection manually, you can download the appropriate manual for your operating system and VPN type as a pdf below.

In order to access these documents, you will need a free pdf reader from Adobe if you do not already have one installed.

Windows 10 / 11OpenVPN
Windows 8 / 8.1OpenVPN
Windows 7PPTP OpenVPN
Windows VistaPPTP OpenVPN
Windows XPPPTP OpenVPN
Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)PPTP IPSec OpenVPN
We are currently working on instructions for other platforms. If you need help setting up, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can use as many devices as you like with the same VPN account. However, only one concurrent connection is possible. That means, that if you are connected to the VPN with device A and then connect with device B, device A will automatically be disconnected from the VPN. For multiple concurrent connections, you will need separate VPN accounts for each device.

The Shellfire Box is an exception to this. Shellfire Box users can connect as many concurrent devices as they wish to their VPN account.
We do not log any of your data. Our company is based in Germany and therefore follows the rules and regulations put forth by the German legislation. Since the German Federal Constitutional Court declared data preservation as being non-conform to the German constitution, several legal gray areas have arisen. Since there are no clear laws at the moment, every provider decides individually what information they choose to log. Most German ISPs log connection data for several months but we have decided not to keep logs at all. If the laws change or become clearer, we will change to be in compliance.

A Word of Caution: This doesn't mean that our users are able to commit crimes online unpunished! This is not what we have created this service for. In the case that a valid warrant is presented, we will cooperate with German law enforcement agencies and grant them access to specific user's live data streams.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used for many purposes. In our case, it is used to create an encrypted "data tunnel" to the internet.
Any data leaving your computer or smartphone is directed through this "tunnel" via our VPN server and thus becomes unreadable to hackers or any other person trying to access or steal it.
With Shellfire VPN, your network administrator, your Internet Service Provider and any governmental entities will be unable to see what kind of data you are sending and receiving and to whom.
Shellfire VPN servers are now located on all 6 continents.

You can find a list of all our servers on our serverlist.
Did you purchase a new Premium VPN after your Shellfire Box' VPN was downgraded to free?
In this case, please follow these steps:

  • Login to our Customer Center

  • Click on the grey "quick access" bar in the top

  • Click on your existing Shellfire Boxes' number (starts with "sfbox-". The box details page opens up.

  • The box details page contains a table with all of your VPN accounts. In the column the most to the right, you can change the assignment of a VPN to the curently opened Shellfire Box. Find the newly ordered VPN account and click the "assign" button.

  • After the assignment has been done, you need to perform a server change in the Shellfire Box Web Gui, at If you would like to stay on the same server, briefly choose another one and then select the previously selected one again to get back to it.

Contracts ordered with automatic extension automatically will extend for another billing period unless they are cancelled. Accounts ordered without automatic extension will expire after the first billing period and do not require cancellation.

We accept written cancellations via e-mail, contact form or letter.

Send your e-mail to, while replacing the -at- by an @ sign. Plese send the e-mail from the same e-mail address that you used to place your order.

Your cancellation will have to include the following:

Your personal data (name, address)
The contract number
Cancellation Date

We would also love to know the reason for your cancellation in order to be able to improve our service.

There is a notice period of 2 weeks before the end of a billing period.

We will always reply to your cancellation request, even if there are issues with it.

If you want to send us a cancellation letter, check our imprint for our mailing address.
Shellfire VPN offers the following payment options:

Bank transfer
Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
Your service is activated automatically after we receive your payment.

Paypal, credit card and HiPay payments result in an immediate activation of your service.

Bitcoin payments usually take around 15 minutes to process.

Bank transfers usually take between 0 and 3 working days.

If you have paid via bank transfer, please feel free to send us a screenshot proof of your payment to and we will activate your service manually.