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VPN in Turkey: Everything You Need to Know!

  • 16th Jan, 2020

Unfortunately, like China and other countries, Turkey experiences a lot of internet censorship. As of 2013, almost 30 000 websites were blocked by the Turkish government; that’s 10 000 more than there were in 2012. In the summer of 2015, the number of blocked sites soared to over 80 000,...

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VPN for Steam: The Ultimate Guide (Status: 2020)

Steam is practically a household name in the gaming world whether you’re a pro gamer, gaming veteran or casual gamer. Games distributed across the Valve platform include popular titles such as Portal, Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Half-Life, and others. If you found your way to this article, there...

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VPN Without Log Files: Is There Such a Thing?

Many Internet users desire absolute anonymity and security on the Internet. This can be achieved to a great extent with a VPN service, but only if no log files are stored. But do VPNs exist at all without log files? The answer is yes, because some providers, such as Shellfire,...

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Unblock YouTube with a VPN

When it comes to Internet videos, YouTube is the world’s largest platform. But not all videos can be views by every user because some of the postings are blocked. [toc] Why Unblock YouTube? If you’re faced with a single YouTube block and occasionally can’t watch a certain video, you probably...

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VPN for Gaming: The Ultimate Guide

A VPN offers numerous advantages to game fans. It gives gamers the opportunity to test new games earlier and access any restricted content. Games can be bought cheaper via VPN, the player doesn’t have to put up with censorship, DDoS attacks are counteracted, and privacy is also protected. Last but...

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