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VPN on Xbox Series X & Series S: How it Works

The next generation of gaming started in the fall of 2020. Only days apart, Sony and Microsoft both presented their brand new consoles in the form of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S, respectively. These machines are much more powerful as well as faster than their...

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Public WiFi Security: 8 Essential Tips

Public WiFi zones provide internet access in cafés, restaurants, hotels, hopping malls, beaches and parks, as well as on trains and buses. In most cases, this service is even free of charge. Still, this practical alternative for devices without a SIM card, or to conserve a mobile phone contract’s s...

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VPN for PlayStation 5: Set Up Instructions

With a virtual private network, you can browse securely, quickly and regardless of your location. It works on your smartphone, tablet, PC and, if you have the know-how, even on your new PlayStation 5. With Shellfire’s fast and reliable VPN, you’re able to not only enjoy the fantastic graphics and...

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How to Browse Anonymously with Opera

It is advisable to brows anonymously when using Opera for several reasons, since when you are active online, you leave traces of your activity not only with advertisers and website operators, but can also be taken advantage of by hackers. To effectively prevent this, users seek numerous tools, add-ons and...

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Comparing VPN & Proxy Servers: Which is Better?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and proxy servers are used to increase privacy and anonymity online. The services are also used to circumvent geographic restrictions and censorship. When comparing VPNs and proxies, there are several key differences. What both have in common is that they establish connections with target websites through...

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