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VPN on Smart TV: How to set up in less than 5 minutes

Thanks to appropriate Apps, Smart TVs now give us the ability to conveniently watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other video streaming services on TV. A complicated setup is no longer necessary, which was quite different a few years ago. One topic that may still be a cause of...

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VPN Routers for your Home: The Ultimate Guide

An anonymous and secure network free of barriers sounds like wishful thinking nowadays. The unmasking of Edward Snowden, frequent massive data breaches and privacy scandals have left plenty of internet users unsettled. Privacy represents a basic human right in modern democracies, so events like these illustrate an alarming trend. Additionally,...

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How to set up a VPN connection on your Asus VPN Router

  • 21st Nov, 2018

Why should I use a VPN router? There are a number of reasons why your might want to connect to a VPN server using a hardware router: The router allows you to connect devices to the VPN which otherwise have no VPN functionality at all (Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Google...

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PPTP vs. IPSec vs. OpenVPN – What are the differences?

  • 19th Jun, 2018

The most widely used VPN protocols are PPTP, IPSec and OpenVPN. We are being asked about the differences between these protocols almost every day. This article is meant to help shed some light on the situation and offer a comparison between the VPN protocols without getting too technical. Let's go!...

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Easy fix for the WPA2 flaw that threatens Wi-Fi security

  • 17th Oct, 2017

Belgian scientists have found a critical flaw in the WPA2 encryption standard which is being used by pretty much every Wi-Fi network. Due to the severity of this discovery, it even made it to the mainstream media headlines: BBC, Wired. The so-called "Krack" attack targets new connections during their initialization...

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