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How to update your Shellfire Box to the latest Firmware version

  • 14th May, 2020

Yes, you read that right! The wait is finally over, you can now upgrade your Shellfire Box to the latest firmware version. The update introduces a large number of security patches. In addition, the Shellfire Box user interface can now be set 6 different languages to suit our international customers....

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Kodi VPN: 2 Easy Set Up Methods (Status: 2020)

Kodi is the name on everyone’s lips as software for playing and managing movies, series, and music. As such, you may wonder if it’s useful or even possible to use Kodi in conjunction with a VPN. The answer to both questions is clearly “yes”. In this article, we’ll explain the...

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VPN For Streaming: The Ultimate Guide (Status: 2020)

Using a VPN has many advantages and allows you to, among other things, surf anonymously and download. A VPN can offer you a lot, especially if you like to stream movies and series. In this article, we would like to address the most important questions about VPN and streaming. When...

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Tor and VPN: How to Best Use Both?

Both a Tor-Browser and VPN enable you to be online anonymously and securely. But which of these two options is better? And in certain cases, can it be worth combining a Tor Browser with a VPN connection? This article will explain when it’s appropriate to use a Tor Browser, when...

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