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Amazon Fire TV Stick: Quick & Easy VPN Setup

The well-known mail-order company Amazon has used the Fire TV Stick turned up the heat on competitors Google and Apple. The streaming stick is inexpensive, easy to use and offers a wide range of streaming options for movies, series, music, and games. Anyone who would like to extend the product...

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VPN for Chromecast: Setup in Minutes

You can access many different streaming services with Google’s Chromecast TV stick. Whether using Netflix or Amazon Prime, simply plug it in and start streaming. Combined with a VPN service, there are also no local geographical restrictions, it’s possible to benefit twice. Why Chromecast Anyway? If you don’t own a...

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VPN on Apple TV: Easy 5-Minute Set Up

Nowadays, most modern televisions are also Smart TVs that have all kinds of apps up their sleeves. The Apple TV is seldom included; instead, the American service provider requires an extra box. Would you like to connect Apple TV to a VPN and benefit from the advantages? Below, we'll tell...

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Turkish TV: Watch Online for Free

Hard to believe, but even Turkey sends her celebrities into the jungle. In Survivor there are even two camps: one inhabited by eight celebrities, the other by people like you and me. Of course, nobody wants to miss the exciting challenges! For several years, the series Çalıkuşuhas kept its fans...

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VPN for Xbox: VPN Connection in Just 3 Steps

A VPN is the perfect way to get the most from your Microsoft Xbox. You can stream American Netflix series, play Xbox games sooner, and generally stay anonymous and safe along the way. [toc] Why a VPN for Xbox Anyway? Those who are interested in a VPN for Xbox 360...

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