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Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: A Double-Edged Sword

In a technologically-driven era, artificial intelligence (AI) is both a beacon of potential and a looming threat. While AI delivers unprecedented advancements across various domains, its potential misuse in the domain of cybersecurity presents alarming challenges[1]. This article delves deeply into the myriad ways malevolent actors are harnessing AI to...

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Cybersecurity Statistics, Trends and Accomplishments: 2023

In an age of digital dependency, cybersecurity remains paramount for the integrity and confidentiality of information. With the rise in cyberattacks, ransomware, and data breaches, securing data has never been more essential. This article offers a comprehensive perspective on the current landscape of cybersecurity, using the latest statistics to understand...

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Online Security Statistics 2023: The Current State of Digital Threats

In our increasingly digital era, online security has never been more critical. With the proliferation of digital transactions, communications, and data storage, the threats posed by cybercriminals have grown more sophisticated and frequent. The importance of online security can't be overstated, as it safeguards not just our personal information but...

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Statistics and Their Impact

In today's digitized world, online privacy, security, and unrestricted access have become paramount. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have risen to the challenge, offering users a shield against potential cyber threats and a bridge over geo-restrictions. The past few years, particularly post-2019, have seen a remarkable surge in VPN usage, driven...

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Good News Concerning The Shellfire Box

  • 8th Jul, 2015

It has been a while since the last update concerning the Shellfire Box on Indiegogo, sorry for that! Many of you have written to us and asked for a status update and some technical details. That's why we now wrote this longer article for you on our blog, since Indiegogo...

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