Because free internet is a fundamental right!

Shellfire is a hosting provider located in Schmitten, Germany, close to Frankfurt am Main. Shellfire was founded in 2002 by Florian Gattung and Max Behr, who have been acting as CEOs since then.

In the past years, we have already helped more than 250,000 people to protect their data and to overcome censorship. Our high service- and security-standard "Made in Germany" make Shellfire one of the best addresses on the vpn market.

We believe that free and secure access to the internet is a fundamental right for every person on this planet. That's why it is our goal to sustain the internet as a place of freedom and to protect your private data. With our encrypted vpn servers and voiceservers, we provide protection from hackers and other spies.

Meet the team

Image of Florian
Florian Gattung
Co-Founder and CEO
Image of Max
Max Behr
Co-Founder and CEO

More than 250,000 users already trust on Shellfire VPN

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