VPN on Smart TV: How to set up in less than 5 minutes

Thanks to appropriate Apps, Smart TVs now give us the ability to conveniently watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other video streaming services on TV. A complicated setup is no longer necessary, which was quite different a few years ago.

One topic that may still be a cause of concern for you is the question of how to set up a VPN client on your Smart TV. For example, if you want to bypass geo-blocking and access the content of the American Netflix from countries such as the United Kingdom, you can’t avoid using a VPN service.

Until recently, this was rather difficult and required a lot of technical knowledge – but luckily, this is not as we will explain it to you in this article.

How does setting up a VPN on a Smart TV work?

Basically, you have the following options available if you want to use your Smart TV connected with a VPN:

  • Set up VPN on router. Works only with compatible devices, not with any router, or is associated with more complicated configurations.
  • SmartDNS on Smart TV. You may also be able to set up SmartDNS on your TV. But this option is particularly suitable for technically adept users, because the setup is complicated and consists of more than 30 steps.
  • Use of Shellfire Box. Shellfire Box is a special plug & play VPN router that you can set up in less than 5 minutes – no technical background is needed.

In summary, Shellfire Box is by far the easiest and fastest way to use a VPN client on your Smart TV – whether you’re using a Smart TV from Samsung, Sony, LG or any other manufacturer.

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How to set up the Shellfire Box:

  1. Plug in the power cable.
  2. Connect Shellfire Box via network cable to the router.
  3. Connect your Smart TV to the now available Shellfire Wi-Fi network.

As long as your Smart TV is connected to this Wi-Fi network, it automatically connects to the Internet via a secure VPN connection. There are no additional steps or installation of any software needed.

If you want to disconnect from the VPN, simply switch back to your normal home network with your Smart TV. You can switch servers or locations via an intuitive online interface within a few seconds.

By the way, this approach does not only work with Smart TVs. Maybe you own a game console like the PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. Thanks to Shellfire Box, you can now use a VPN with your console without difficulties.

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Which Apps can be unlocked using a Smart TV VPN?

The procedure described above, in which you setup the VPN access via Shellfire Box, is not limited to certain apps. Nevertheless, we would like to share some ideas with you:

  • Netflix. Access the film and series offerings of other countries, such as the American Netflix, which is characterized by the most complete selection of films and series.
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO
  • Media libraries of foreign TV channels. Use the media libraries of foreign TV channels, despite Geo-blocking. How about, for example, watching Formula 1 on ORF for free, without any commercial breaks?

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