Amazon Fire TV Stick: Quick & Easy VPN Setup

The well-known mail-order company Amazon has used the Fire TV Stick turned up the heat on competitors Google and Apple. The streaming stick is inexpensive, easy to use and offers a wide range of streaming options for movies, series, music, and games. Anyone who would like to extend the product range, for example accessing additional American series and films, needs a VPN connection.

In this article, we‘ll explain how you can quickly and easily set up a VPN connection for your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Why an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

You don’t have a Smart TV but don’t want to go without Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services on your TV? Then Amazon’s affordable Fire TV Stick might be a good option for you. Just plug it in and watch your favorite programs. Among those supported are:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • ProSieben
  • DAZN
  • …and many more

At the same time, the Fire TV Stick offers storage space for apps and games. There are thousands of apps, channels, websites (e.g. Facebook or Reddit), which allow the streaming stick to function as more than just a film and series adapter but as a multi-functional tool.

Good to know: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy ad-free music, more than two million songs, thousands of series and movies, and unlimited access.

How to Set up a VPN for the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Just plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick into your TV and you’re ready to go. But what if you don’t just want to access local programs with a suitable IP address? For example, if you have an American IP address, you could also access YouTube videos, movies, or series that are intended for Americans but blocked by other countries.

A VPN service is required for this, for which Amazon’s Fire TV Stick does not yet support. However, it is still possible to use a VPN connection using a workaround.

The keyword here is the use of a VPN-capable router. The VPN client is not installed on the Fire TV Stick, but on the router that sets up the WLAN network with which you connect your TV Stick. However, setting up a classic VPN router is usually not easy and requires technical expertise. In addition, not all commercially available routers are VPN-enabled.

The Shellfire Box is a convenient alternative. With this Plug and Play VPN router, you can easily secure all your desired devices, surf anonymously, and simulate an IP from many different countries at the same time. This gives you access to blocked content and you can also access series, movies or blocked YouTube videos via the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  1. Simply plug Shellfire Box’s power cable into an electrical outlet
  2. Connect the Shellfire Box to your own internet router
  3. Everything else runs automatically, there is no need to configure anything. Simply connect the Amazon TV Fire Stick to the Shellfire Box WLAN network.

The Shellfire Box can not only be used with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, but also with numerous other devices. Quickly and easily connect it to a Smart TV, PlayStation or Xbox – there’s no limit to your creativity.

Would you like to have a look at the Shellfire Box yourself? More this way.

Advantages of Using a VPN with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick

Just using an Amazon TV Stick allows you to watch numerous series and movies via Prime Video or Netflix, use YouTube, try out streaming from ProSieben, DAZN, and much more. You can also download games or listen to millions of songs on the Stick. Depending on the country from which you use the Stick, the offerings may be limited. For example, you often don’t have access to certain YouTube videos, or you must wait until certain series start in your country.

If you want earlier access, you need an IP address from elsewhere. For example, Americans usually have access to new series or content much earlier. Simply use the Shellfire Box to select the desired server location and simulate an appropriate IP address.

Using a VPN for the Amazon Fire TV Stick offers the following benefits:

  • There are no more country restrictions (e.g. for certain YouTube videos).
  • You can access certain movies and series earlier (e.g. foreign series and movies).
  • You can stream offers not available in your region (e.g. series and films only available in certain countries)
  • You can also provide all other desired devices with a VPN connection and surf securely and anonymously.
  • Traffic is unlimited, there is no speed limit and you can surf with an encrypted 256-bit connection.

Can You Use Free VPN with Amazon’s Fire TV?

No, you cannot use a free VPN client with the Amazon Fire TV Stick without using a VPN router, because the Amazon TV Stick does not support VPN services.

If you already have a fully configured VPN router, you can, of course, use our free VPN app, which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

In all other cases, using the Shellfire Box is the fastest and easiest way to use a VPN client with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Do you own an Amazon Fire TV Stick and want to access more than just the local offerings? Then you need a VPN connection with which you can simulate any IP address. This way, you can have earlier access to movies and series, can watch locked videos or access certain offers that are generally only available in certain countries. The Shellfire Box is very easy to set up and connect, then the Amazon Fire TV Stick is connected to the Box’s WLAN network and off you go.

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