VPN Without Log Files: Is There Such a Thing?

Many Internet users desire absolute anonymity and security on the Internet. This can be achieved to a great extent with a VPN service, but only if no log files are stored. But do VPNs exist at all without log files? The answer is yes, because some providers, such as Shellfire, for example, do not store any of your data at all!

What are Log Files?

The term “log files” can be understood as log data. This data is usually sent to the Internet provider. The company can, for example, track activities and sometimes even pass the data on to the authorities, third parties or advertising media. With a VPN connection, the IPS (Internet Service Provider) can no longer record these activities. However, theoretically, the VPN provider would be able to record log files.

Therefore, it is essential for you to know a little about the VPN provider in question. You want to know what data is being recorded, whether there are external tools, in which country the company is located, and more. A distinction is made with log files between:

  • Connection Protocols: This data includes the VPN server used, the amount of data transferred, the date and duration of the connection and the incoming and outgoing IP addresses. A good provider will not store this data either.
  • Usage Logs: This data includes the files downloaded, the pages visited, and the software used. However, VPN providers are not allowed to record usage logs.

If you want to play it safe, you should adopt a “no logs” mentality. A really good VPN provider can support this accordingly.

Wie anonym sind VPN?

If a VPN-connection stores connection protocols or usage protocols, then anonymity is out of the question. (Bildquelle: scyther5/123RF)

Does Shellfire Save Log Files?

At Shellfire, we do not create log files and are also subject to strict data protection rules due to our headquarters location in Germany. That means

  • We do not keep logs of how you use your VPN connection.
  • No connection times are saved and no session information is stored.
  • We do not store traffic data, IP data or other data.
  • This also means that no data is passed on to third parties.

With us, you can surf the web absolutely safely and anonymously with a VPN connection.

The Shellfire App and Shellfire Box

The easiest way to create a VPN connection with Shellfire is to use our free Shellfire app. You can download this app on smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs or laptops.

  • Download for Windows
  • Download for Mac OS X via App Store
  • Download for Android via Google Play
  • Download for iOS via App Store

More than 250 000 users already rely on this service, which works completely without logging files. Another option is the use of the Shellfire-Box. This is hardware, i.e. a small VPN router, that you can set up in your home.

Doing this is necessary if no apps can be installed on your devices (e.g. on Smart-TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire TV Stick). With this device you can:

  • back up all your devices
  • bypass any censorship or blocks
  • take up a virtual position
  • use the box via plug and play

Simply plug it in, connect to your own Internet router, connect the desired device with the Box and off you go. Just select the location you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Log Files and VPN

Does a VPN save log files by default?

Not necessarily, but it absolutely depends on the situation. Many providers on the market collect logs, and there are only a few providers who manage without them.

How do you know if a VPN saves log files?

This is not always clear, as many providers do not explicitly state their policy. You can (in most cases) assume that a VPN provider that does not make clear reference to log files definitely stores them. If it were otherwise, wouldn’t they make it public?

Another hint: if a VPN provider offers rates with a data limit, then log filed or user activities will be logged in any case. Otherwise, the limit could not be met. Therefore, if there are no limitations, then it is possible that the VPN functions without logging files


Nowadays, security on the Internet plays an increasingly important role. IT is no wonder more and more users rely on a VPN service to make their connection secure and anonymous. Still, that is the point of preventing the Internet provider from accessing your data if data is then collected by the VPN provider?

For this reason, VPNs without log files are very popular. Shellfire belongs to these types of providers and does not store any user data. So with the Shellfire App or Shellfire Box, you are as truly anonymous and safe online as you need to be

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