VPN on Android TV: Setup in Minutes

Many of today’s Smart TVs run on an Android system. This is particularly the case with TVs from TCL, Sony, and Sharp, but other manufacturers also rely on Google’s well-known operating system. Android TV makes television interactive and offers a special user interface for the device.

This platform ensures a versatile experience, whether for Netflix, games or even more. So as to avoid certain restrictions, it is even more useful to use a VPN on an Android TV. Read how the setup works and what advantages it offers.

How to Set Up VPN for Android TV?

As a rule, there are normally two options for setting up a VPN for Android TV. Either you have a Smart TV, which can easily set up a VPN connection; or, if this is not possible, the Shellfire Box is a practical solution.

Option 1: VPN for Android TV via Shellfire App

The first presents the free option, as we off our Shellfire app free of cost, however, it, unfortunately, doesn’t work on an Android TV. Alternatively, you can use the app for a VPN connection on the following systems:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to connect this app with Android TV because it is impossible to install new applications.

Option 2: VPN for Android via Shellfire Box

The alternative is to use the Shellfire Box to connect your Android TV with a VPN. We have prepared a video for you, or alternatively, you can check out the Shellfire Box information page.

Should you choose the Shellfire Box, it is very easy to use the device to form an active VPN connection.

  1. The Shellfire Box is supplied with power via cable.
  2. A connection is established between the router and the box. Only a network cable is needed for this.
  3. Once you connect Shellfire’s WLAN to the Android TV, you’re ready to go.

You can now start your VPN connection and explore different options. For example, you can take the Box with you on holiday to generate a desired foreign address from any country, for example, to watch local movies and series on a foreign TV via a streaming provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Android TV VPN

What are the advantages of an Android TV VPN connection?

In general, Smart TV already offers many perks, no matter which operating system the device runs. For example, with an Android TV, you can easily access various apps to stream movies and series. Most apps are free to install on your device, so you can design your TV settings the way you want.

The apps on Android TV are doubly worthwhile when combined with a VPN connection, as you don’t have to deal with locational limitations. The following apps are especially popular:

  • Streaming: e.g. Netflix, NBC, YouTube, Canal+, Disney Channel, CNN GO, Hulu, FXNOW, HBO Now, Spotify, Twitch, TED TV
  • Live TV: e.g. NBA, NFL, sling, Twitter, Fox Sports Go, Bloomberg TV, ABC
  • Apps & Games: e.g. Crossy Road, NBR Jam, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Deer Hunter, Minecraft, Shadowblade

When you set up a VPN connection, you can stream and play without restrictions depending on which country IP you choose. Below is an overview of the main advantages of combining the Shellfire Box with Android TV, for example:

  • Use the various apps on the Android TV with an anonymous IP address.
  • Switch between the VPN and home network connection at any time.
  • Switch between IP addresses from different countries in seconds.
  • VPN client simply runs in the background, leaving you free to do other things.
  • Remain anonymous and secure without being restricted.
  • The Shellfire Box can also be used for other devices, such as a VPN connection on PlayStation or Xbox.

Is there also a free VPN available for Android TV?

You can install several apps on the Android, but unfortunately not the Shellfire app. For this reason, you will have to use the Shellfire Box if you want to use a secure VPN connection via Android TV.

It’s worth the investment as it benefits not only your Android TV but all the other devices you want to connect to the Shellfire Box as well.

VPN for Android TV: Conclusion

When it comes to streaming, it’s not always easy to choose the best offer. Depending on which country you’re in, your IP address may prevent you from watching certain movies or series, or from downloading certain apps.

A VPN connection solves this problem, so you can easily obtain an IP address from a country of your choice to access all the offerings of a certain provider. With the Shellfire Box, the VPN connection on an Android TV device is child’s play and ready to go in seconds.

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