VPN for PlayStation 5: Set Up Instructions

With a virtual private network, you can browse securely, quickly and regardless of your location. It works on your smartphone, tablet, PC and, if you have the know-how, even on your new PlayStation 5. With Shellfire’s fast and reliable VPN, you’re able to not only enjoy the fantastic graphics and reduced loading times of the PS5, but also take advantage of many other features. In this guide, we’ll tell you how it works, why you should use a VPN when gaming, and what you need to know about the installation, just as we did with the console’s predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

Advantages at a glance: what are the pros of using VPN with PlayStation 5?

There are numerous arguments in favour of connecting to a PlayStation with a VPN. From the possibility of lower ping in multiplayer games, to a geo-blocking free streaming experience, to earlier access to games, all regardless of location.

And of course, all the advantages that we have already detailed in our article on VPN for gaming still apply.

High-speed gaming available for online PvP

With new SSD technology, games on the PS5 are faster than ever before. You’ll appreciate this advantage during load times and in single player, but in multiplayer you’ll have to rely on the speed of your network and server. While merely annoying when lag occurs, in a fast-paced multiplayer match, unnecessary lag is the difference between winning and losing.

By using a VPN, you can ensure lower ping, since different servers are employed. This way, your signal finds a path with less data traffic and you get a reliably fast connection.

In many cases, a VPN is also helpful for reducing your ping in multiplayer games, thus giving you an advantage. (Bild: Adrian Holm / snl.no)

Better streaming on PlayStation 5

For the first time, Sony is offering a media remote control for its console. Designed in the same chic white as the game-pad and console, it is clearly intended to bring the media capabilities of the PS5 into the foreground. This makes it even more convenient to stream Netflix, Disney+ or YouTube directly from the console.

A VPN allows you to redirect your signal through regional servers of your choice, effectively bypassing the issue of geo-blocking. Enjoy shows that are exclusively available in the US or Japan without any detours and with a trustworthy server connection. Even YouTube videos that are blocked in your region can be viewed without hassle via PS5.

Earlier access to games regardless of location

The ability to freely determine your virtual location is not only advantageous for streaming. When downloading games, you can also play country-exclusive titles before they go on-sale where you live or take advantage of time difference and staggered releases to play your favourite new titles before your friends.

With the PS5, you are bound to your home server location by default, but a VPN allows you to easily bypass this.

E3 will present future hit games again in the future. Secure earlier access to some of these games with the help of a VPN. (Bild: tofuprod / commons.wikimedia.org)

Privacy and security on PlayStation 5

Whether you’re gaming, browsing or streaming on PS5, you present a potential target for malicious attacks or malware. A Virtual Private Network is just that: private—so your information actually stays with you. Even DDoS attacks don’t stand a chance with the Shellfire VPN.

Not only is your anonymity guaranteed, but your data packets are also encrypted as they are sent. This is not completely unimportant when you transfer your credit card data or DLC, and even more so if for some reason you have to use a public Wi-Fi network with your PS5.

Does PS5 offer out-of-the-box support for VPNs?

Using a VPN wasn’t so easy with the PS4, and unfortunately, the PS5 has inherited this flaw. Because the PS5’s operating system is locked by Sony, and the Japanese company can therefore reserve the right to include apps in the store, easy installation of a VPN application is not currently possible. Since it was never the case with the PS4, the feature will likely not be added to the PS5 either.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t use a VPN with the PS5; in fact, it works rather easily and in a few simple steps when using the Shellfire Box.

How to quickly and easily set up VPN for PlayStation 5?

There are basically two methods of setting up VPN access for your PS5. One is the traditional and more complicated method, where you set up your Windows or Mac PC with VPN client as a Wi-Fi hot spot. This method has many disadvantages, such as the fact that your PC or Mac must be turned on whenever you want to use the VPN with the PS5. Likewise, the configuration is not very straightforward, especially for amateurs, and the quality of strength of the Wi-Fi signal may not be ideal.

Conversely, there is also a very simple and effective method using the Shellfire Box. In the following video, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to set up a VPN on PS5 using our plug-and-play VPN box.

In summary, the following steps are necessary to set up the VPN connection on PlayStation 5 using the Shellfire Box:

  1. Connect the Shellfire Box to your router and plug its power cable into the wall socket.
  2. Connect your PS5 to the Wi-Fi network of the Shellfire Box that now appears. Your PS5 will now connect to the Internet via secure VPN connection.
  3. Using a simple and intuitive interface, you can choose which server the Shellfire Box should use to connect to the Internet at any time. For example, you can determine which country your IP address should come from.

This method also works with other devices that do not have built-in VPN support, just like the PS5. These include Apple TV, Google Chromecast and numerous smart TVs.

Is it legal to use a VPN with PlayStation 5?

Don’t worry—using a VPN is not illegal when streaming, browsing or using PlayStation. However, it should be noted that while it’s permissible to use the Virtual Private Network to browse and protect your data, providers sometimes prohibit changing the region via VPN in their terms and conditions. While you are not breaking any laws using a VPN, the terms of a use of a streaming service or store are another matter. Bypassing geo-blocking is also legal in any case, but online service providers reserve the right to block certain content if they notice that you are accessing it via a virtual location.

Apart from this, of course, even with a VPN, violations can still be flagged—especially since you can be identified on the PS5 using other data points, such as your PlayStation Network online ID or the credit card information you provide to Sony.

Image: Sergey Galyonkin / commons.wikimedia.org

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