VPN for Gaming: The Ultimate Guide

A VPN offers numerous advantages to game fans. It gives gamers the opportunity to test new games earlier and access any restricted content. Games can be bought cheaper via VPN, the player doesn’t have to put up with censorship, DDoS attacks are counteracted, and privacy is also protected. Last but not least, the issue of latency is a reason to use a VPN for gaming.

Why Use a VPN for Gaming?

There are many reasons to use a VPN when it comes to gaming. We discuss what these are in more detail in the individual sections:

  • Protect against DDoS attacks
  • Minimize delays and lags
  • Protect privacy
  • No in-game censorship
  • Avoid throttling
  • Earlier access to games
  • Lower prices
  • Play with friends worldwide

Fewer DDoS Attacks with VPN

That gaming is about competition is clear to every gamer. Dirty tricks are so common that gamers must fight DDoS attacks. Expulsion from a game due to DDoS attacks is particularly common in League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Smite and Dota 2.

With a VPN, players can protect themselves. In general, it is easier for attacks to take a home line from the network instead of a data center with connected servers. Should a malfunction occur, you as a gamer have the option to switch to another server immediately and reconnect at any time.

Minimize Gaming Delays

If your own server doesn’t offer optimal routing, a VPN can also be helpful here. Some servers are connected to large traffic hubs (e.g. in Amsterdam, Frankfurt or London) so as to improve loading times.

This is especially useful for shooter and action games, but also online role-playing games and other genres, in which ever second and one’s own reaction speed are important

Of course, a VPN can also have the opposite effect. It all depends on different factors, such as the server location, your own location and also the quality of the chosen VPN.

Protected Private Sphere for Gamers

With a VPN service, the user has the option of being completely anonymous and thus protected online. This applies not only when visiting websites, but also when playing games. Personal privacy is guaranteed in every case.

This also applies to sensitive data, which remain protected from criminal attacks by the protected and encrypted connection. Another way of exploiting the throttling of your internet provider once you reach a certain data value. This can also be avoided via VPN.

No In-Game Censorship

To avoid censorship from one’s own country, a player can choose an IP from a different country. Due to the legal situation of different countries, censorship can occur in individual games.

Legally it is no problem to buy and own a game that is censored or not available in such a country. The important part is that the game may not be resold or distributed.

Bypass Throttling with VPN

A throttled internet speed is the absolute worst-case scenario for most gamers. Even a few seconds or milliseconds delay can make a big difference depending on the game. Reacting a fraction of a second too late, and your opponent has already fired first, or a major boss has activated a spell to disrupt you (instantly).

But how can a VPN help with this problem? Quite simply. Some internet providers slow down their speed, for example, if a certain volume of data is exceeded during gaming. This happens rather quickly with frequent gaming and thanks to the data the provider collects, the player almost becomes an open book.

A VPN solves this problem because the internet provider (also called ISP) cannot see your activities and therefore doesn’t know whether you are playing or not.

Play New Games Earlier Thanks to VPN

New games are not always published at the same time for different regions and countries. American players are usually the first to get started (depending on which game they are playing). Players in other countries often wait longer.

To avoid this waiting time, a VPN can be of use. The player connects to a server in the US and can access the newly released or beta version games earlier. The beta version of “Star Wars: Battlefront”, for example, was only playable for players in America, so it was necessary to wait or use a VPN to enjoy it.

There may also be certain content (e.g. game DLCs) which is only intended for some reasons (and will not be released elsewhere). The same applies to some special editions, which may be reserved for regions and countries. All of these restrictions are easily solved with a VPN.

Enjoy Lower Prices

A further advantage of a VPN is the fact that some games can be purchased at a cheaper cost. Even if it is the same game in different countries, and the version is absolutely identical, the prices can still differ. These differences in price are not always negligible.

In the US, many games are often cheaper, while in Australia they are more expensive. So if you buy games there (or connect to a country via VPN) where they are cheaper, you will save money.

Game with Friends Worldwide

When games have a large userbase (especially online role-playing games or shooters), not all gamers can play together at the same time. There are various servers for this purpose, most of which are regional in nature. In some games, the server cannot be selected manually but is assigned via the user’s IP address.

Because of this, the player has no chance to game with friends scattered around the world. In order to play on the same server, a regional IP address can be used via VPN.

It is important to note that when playing in Europe, a higher latency can be expected if the player connects to an American server. However, a VPN can sometimes help to improve the pink (latency) depending on whether the VPN server is located at large traffic hubs.

VPN Available on Every Platform

No matter which device a player wants to game with, a VPN can be activated and set up on it at any time. This is possible for the following devices, among others:

  • Laptop / Netbook / PC / Mac
  • Smartphone / Tablet
  • Consoles (e.g. Xbox One or PlayStation 4)

The Shellfire VPN is available for all devices, whether

Shellfire VPN for Gaming Explained

Shellfire offers a worldwide network of servers in 35 countries. In a few seconds, users can change their location—at least virtually—and enjoy numerous benefits.

Shellfire users are absolutely anonymous and secure as we do not log or store any connection data. Shellfire VPNs can be configured with or without the app.

With the app, users are up and running in minutes. For hobbyists, there is also the option of using it manually via IPsec, PPTP or OpenVPN.

Simply Connect to Shellfire Box

If you want to make things easy on yourself, use the Shellfire Box. It is used to secured devices, overcome censorship, occupy a virtual location and provide all the above-mentioned gaming advantages.

Since most smart devices (like televisions or game consoles) don’t offer the possibility to set up a VPN nowadays, the Shellfire Box does. It can protect all devices (even without the Shellfire VPN app).

  1. In the first step, the user inserts the power cable of the Shellfire Box into the power outlet. The box itself is smaller than a matchbox and therefore fits everyone.
  2. The second step is to connect your own internet router to the Shellfire Box
  3. The next step is to connect the devices to the Shellfire Box. A WLAN or network cable can be used for this.
  4. Finally, the secure, anonymous and protected connection via Shellfire is ready.

If you want to use your regular Internet connection, simply switch to the normal WLAN network and back to Shellfire’s VPN at any time.

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