Unblock YouTube with a VPN

When it comes to Internet videos, YouTube is the world’s largest platform. But not all videos can be views by every user because some of the postings are blocked.

Why Unblock YouTube?

If you’re faced with a single YouTube block and occasionally can’t watch a certain video, you probably don’t need to do anything about it. However, if it happens more frequently or if the block affects the entire website, then there will inevitably be trouble.

For this reason, there are technical solutions to remove the blocks or bypass them by connecting to a server in another country. In this way, users can surf anonymously and securely, while simultaneously accessing the full range of the YouTube video platform.

Why is There a Block?

If you try to open a blocked video, you will be notified that the video is not available. There are different reasons for this. The most common one is a restriction in the country where the user is trying to open the video. Technical problems can also be the reason for the block.

YouTube is frequently blocked in schools, universities and many offices. The reason is simple: distraction should be reduced so that students, for example, do not watch videos during lessons. However, if you need guidance or want to surf the net a little during the break, the block can be very irritating.

Unblocking YouTube – Here’s How

The easiest and fastest way to avoid the blocking of a video portal is to use a VPN. It doesn’t matter whether the block was caused by technical problems, restrictions in the country or by the office boss.

It is essential that the VPN encrypts and anonymizes the data, provides high-speed connections for HD videos and unlocks YouTube videos from every country.

Unblocking YouTube in China

Some countries block access to YouTube completely. This is currently the case not only in China but also in North Korea and Iran, for example. Temporary blocks have also been imposed in some countries like Turkey, Russia, and Pakistan.

If you are planning a trip to China or are a foreigner living in China, you certainly don’t want to miss out on YouTube videos. To bypass the block, the user can simply download a VPN-Client, install it and connect to a server in another country that does not have a YouTube block. This makes it easy to access the videos—even from China.

The same applies to other sites that are blocked by the government, such as Twitter of Facebook. Currently, more than 10 000 websites are blocked in China.

Bypass GEMA’s YouTube Block

In Germany, viewing a YouTube video has almost become a “matter of luck”. Music videos, in particular, are subject to this GEMA ban, which causes trouble for many users.

The message “this video is not available in your country” is likely to appear on many music fans’ screens. Sometimes these blocks are even unnecessary because there aren’t always legal problems at the time. YouTube belongs to Google and American company already blocks many videos “as a precaution”.

A VPN can be used to circumvent this censorship. This means that Google is unable to recognize the country by its IP address, or is redirected to another country where these videos are not blocked. For the user, this means full access to the desired content.

How to Unblock YouTube with Shellfire VPN – Explained

You can easily bypass YouTube locks using the Shellfire box. You don’t even need to install VPN software on your computer, you simply connect the box to your router and then connect to the newly generated WLAN network.

The Shellfire Box is delivered completely pre-configured for the user. Also, it is already authenticated, encrypted and ready to go.

  1. Power: To initiate the connection, you only need a power supply for the small box.
  2. Router: Now, the Shellfire Box must be connected manually to the user’s own Internet router.
  3. WLAN: A network cable or a classic WLAN is used to connect the desired devices to the box.

If you no longer need the VPN connection, simply switch back to the normal WLAN and use the regular Internet connection without the Shellfire Box.

Traffic for the Shellfire VPN (and also when using the Shellfire Box) is unlimited and there are servers available to you in 35 countries. The purchase price of the Shellfire Box already includes a two-year use of the Premium-Plus-VPN.

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