How to Watch Brazilian TV in the US, UK & Canada?

Did you know that it’s easy to watch Brazilian television from another country? Thanks to online streaming, the practice has almost been perfected, especially if you know how to use a VPN service and where to find the media libraries of the major Brazilian broadcasters

Whether you are from Brazil and miss your local TV offerings, have lived in Brazil for a while, or are trying to learn Portuguese, this article is guaranteed to help you!

How to stream Brazilian TV online despite geo-blocking

One of the biggest obstacles in streaming Brazilian television online is geo-blocking. Although some stations programming is still available abroad, it is not always reliable or complete.

The solution is to use a VPN client that allows you to simulate a Brazilian IP address. This makes it appear to the TV broadcaster as if you are actually in Brazil and eliminates geographical restrictions.

Using our VPN is extremely easy—just download our software for the operating system of your choice and follow the on-screen instructions. At the moment, Shellfire VPN is available for the following operating systems:

The Premium version of the VPN is available from around 5 € per month and offers you secure and anonymous surfing using an IP address from one of more than 35 server locations of your choice.

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You will also find many sports soccer and sporting events offered by Brazilian television.  (Image: Kamil Macniak/123RF).

Where can I find the media offerings of the most important Brazilian broadcasters?

The media libraries of the most important Brazilian TV stations can usually be accessed by the website or via iOS/Android apps. We have compiled a list below of the most important stations from Brazil and, whenever possible, provided you with a direct link to the media library of the station in question.

We try to keep the above list up to date and complete and would of course appreciate your help in this regard. So, if one of the above links no longer functions, or if you know other Brazilian TV programs with online streaming available, please contact us.

Special tip: why not watch a Formula 1 race, like the Brazilian Grand Prix in São Paulo, live on Brazilian TV?

Streaming Brazilian TV online: FAQ

Is it legal to use a VPN?

The use of a VPN client is completely legal. In the worst case, you may violate the terms and conditions of a streaming provider, which depends on each individual case. With free media libraries, the risk tends to be very low.

Can I stream Brazilian TV on my Smart TV and still use a VPN?

Yes. Even if your  Smart TV does not offer VPN support, we make it possible with our Plug-&-Play VPN-Router, the Shellfire Box, which is described in the video below:

The Shellfire Box makes it possible to use a VPN with end devices that don’t support VPNs or have difficulty doing so. Examples of this are the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Google Chromecast, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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If you want to stream Brazilian television online and you are experiencing problems with geo-blocking, our VPN provides a cheap, fast, secure, and reliable solution. You can also use our Shellfire VPN with devices that don’t normally support VPN if you choose the Shellfire Box.

In either scenario, you bypass geo-blocking and are able to surf online anonymously and securely from anywhere in the world.

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