How to Stream and Access Twitch with a VPN?

The use of virtual private networks, better known as VPNs, is becoming more and more common, especially among users of streaming platforms like Twitch.

Below, you’ll quickly learn what using VPNs is all about and how as a Twitch user, you can benefit from using one.

What Are the Advantages of Using a VPN for Twitch?

There are a number of reasons to consider using a VPN when using Twitch. These include the ability to stream even on networks where Twitch is blocked, and bypass IP blocking as well as censorship. Another element is security on Twitch.

Below, we’ll go over each of the above points in detail.

Streaming on networks where Twitch is blocked

You may want to sue Twitch in a location where the network denies access to the site. This is often the case in the workplace, school or university. Either employers or school administration don’t want users to access content that isn’t relative to work and teaching, or the institution’s security policy prevents access by default.

With a VPN, however, you can easily bypass these restrictions as long as it’s possible to use a VPN over the appropriate network.

Bypassing Twitch IP bans

You may also have received a ban on Twitch for certain reasons. Twitch bans accounts based on IP, which means that if you log in with a VPN under an alternate IP, Twitch will not recognize the banned account and you can continue to use the portal to its fullest extent.

Streaming Twitch in countries that use censorship

If for some reason, be it business or personal, you are in a country where Twitch is either completely blocked (such as China) or a large part of the available content is censored, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on using it there.

With a VPN, you can suggest using it from a different location and access the content you want. However, you should be careful not to get into legal trouble abroad.

We are simply pointing out the technical feasibility of circumventing Internet censorship. In situations where you are unsure, it’s best to inform yourself of the possible legal consequences relevant to the country where you are staying.

Security on Twitch

Another argument in favor of using a VPN is, of course, your online security. Giants like Twitch are always in the sights if cyber-criminals, despite enormous security efforts by the operators. For example in 2021, an immense hack against Twitch caused an uproar in the online community.

VPN Setup on Windows PC, MAC, or Smartphone

Setting up Shellfire’s VPN is quick and easy. For phones and tablets running iOS or Android, simply download the Shellfire VPN app from the App Store or Play Store respectively. The software for computers or laptops, on the other hand, can be downloaded directly from our homepage, regardless of whether it’s Windows or MacOS.

After installing and logging in, you will find all Shellfire VPN’s features at a glance, and with just the click of a button or touch of the screen, you ca nactivate the VPN connection.

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How to use Twitch VPN on consoles and Smart TVs?

The quickest and easiest way to use Twitch on console or Smart TVs is with our Shellfire Box. In the video below, we explain exactly how our plug-&-play VPN-router functions.

Whether it’s a Smart-TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, Chromecast or Fire TV Stick – thanks to Shellfire Box, you no longer have to go without a VPN when using Twitch.

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If you use Twitch, it’s definitely recommended to use a VPN at the same time. Unfortunately, Twitch is limited by regional blocks more than any other platform, and that frustrates many usersr. In addition, you will likely want to use Twitch occasionally during your lunch break or at university or school, and it’s quite likely you would be denied access without a VPN.

If you want to enjoy the full scope of Twitch at any time, anywhere in the world and with maximum security, then simply download the Shellfire VPN here freely and easily – whether for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS!

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