How to Configure a VPN on Samsung Smart TVs?

You may have already experienced this with your desktop PC or your Samsung Smart TV: you want to use an interesting TV streaming offer or access videos from the media library of a foreign provider, and are told in the respective nation’s language that this offer is not available in your country.

This is due to geo-blocking, which ensures that the video content is only accessible to users with an IP address local to the provider’s country of origin. You can circumvent this block by setting up a virtual private network (VPN). We will show you how to set up a VPN for Samsung Smart TV so that you benefit from worldwide TV offerings.

Why Use a VPN on Samsung Smart TV?

A VPN allows you to access blocked media libraries and streams from abroad on your Samsung Smart TV, while remaining anonymous and maintaining privacy while using the TV.

Below, we explain the above points in detail.

Access blocked content from foreign media libraries

Streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime buy the rights for new TV series, for example, only for a limited region, such as only for the USA. The situation is similar with sports broadcasting rights: it is difficult to watch life soccer broadcasts from Spain or Great Britain when you are based in Canada, for example.

A VPN provides a solution in this case: it enables an IP address to be obtained from the respective country of the desired TV station, which makes it possible to “access” the desired TV offering.

Browse privately and anonymous when using Smart TV

However, a VPN not only simulates a foreign IP address, it also ensures secure data transmission by means of additional encryption, which is also useful when using domestic online television services.

Private TV providers as well as streaming services in particular collect data about user behaviour with the Smart TV, such as when you watched which programs or videos, and for how long. This kind of data is no one’s business and setting up a VPN on the Smart TV disguises your identity so that nobody—whether your internet provider or the program provider—can analyze your online TV consumption habits.

How to Quickly and Easily Configure a VPN for your Samsung TV?

Current Samsung Smart TVs run the Linux-based operating system Tizen OS. Unfortunately, this doesn’t offer an out of the box option for installing a VPN app or setting IP data.

The way to achieve this is with the Shellfire Box, which is connected between the Internet router and your Smart TV. This ensures reliable encryption of the video streams and easily spoofs a desired IP address from a selection of 38 countries worldwide.

In the following video, we demonstrate how quick and easy this works in practice.

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Is Using a VPN to Access Foreign TV Content Legal?

Note: We do not assume any liability or guarantee for the following paragraphs, which furthermore do not constitute legal advice.

Some people might believe that by using a VPN, the protection measures of the TV providers are bypassed and that you might be committing a crime.

In the worst case scenario, Netflix or Amazon Prime, for example, could block your account if they become aware of your use of a VPN. In practice, however, this has hardly ever happened. From a legal point of view, using a VPN to bypass a geo-block is not “cracking” the video provider’s effective protection measures.


Now you know how useful and easy it is to set up a Shellfire VPN. This way, you can bypass any online TV service’s geo-blocking measures and navigate the web safely and anonymously. Order the Shellfire Box now to enjoy worldwide streaming access on your Samsung Smart TV!

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