Russia VPN: How to Simulate a Russian IP Address

For obvious reasons, it’s difficult to access streaming platforms from Russia at the moment, because Russian media isn’t being made accessible outside the country by means of IP and DNS blocks.

Thus, a Russian IP address is the only way to reach the websites and streaming platforms there. In the following article, we will explain how you can fake a Russian IP address with Shellfire VPN—in a completely legal way!

How to Get a Russian IP Address

A Russian IP address will be automatically generated when using a Russian internet service provider. But you can also generate a Russian IP outside the country if you use a software like Shellfire.

VPN software is an application that routes your Internet through a VPN server located in a country of your choice, such as Russia. For one thing, you can browse securely through VPN encryption, and for another, your personal device can also simulate an IP address from a different country.

Three simple ways to obtain a Russian IP address:

  • Download Shellfire’s VPN software software for your operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac, iOS or Android).
  • Install the Shellfire VPN software
  • Select ‘Russia’ as the destination country on the Shellfire software and then connect to the Internet

From this point on, your device will appear to be located in Russia and you will be able to use all available online services there.

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Advantages of a Russian VPN

Livestream Russian TV

One of the main advantages of a Russian VPN is the fact that you can access Russian streaming platforms and TV programs—even when not on Russian territory.

It’s particularly useful for people interested in politics to follow news in a Russian context and from Russian perspective, for example, on Russia Today.

Also, in general, content only accessible be Netflix Russia tends to be interesting, as are local sporting events which for legal reasons can only be distributed within Russia. Furthermore, internationally operating entertainment providers such as TNT also offer content that is tailored by respective country, in this case, TNT Russia.

Of course, lets not forget those Russian citizens that live and work in our own country, or who are simply on vacation. They, too, would like to access Russian web offers from abroad and watch their favourite series online. Shellfire VPN also helps Russian citizens legally bypass possible accessibility blocks and keep in touch with loved ones at home.

Cheaper subscriptions for Spotify and YouTube Premium

As discussed in the past, it used to be possible to sign up for a YouTube Premium subscription on the Russian platform for a lower dollar or euro amount. Spotify was also significantly cheaper in Russia than most countries, so you could also benefit from a reduced subscription price with Russian VPN access.

Unfortunately, this option is currently unavailable after Spotify and YouTube withdrew from the Russian market due to the ongoing situation. Netflix has also temporarily discontinued its offerings for Russian customers.

Should the current situation change again, it is assumed that corresponding platforms would return to Russia again, so a Russian VPN with Shellfire is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Russian gaming platforms with easier lobbies

Traditionally, the far eastern part of Russia is one of the easier regions for gamers, especially compared to the tougher gaming competitors from the US and Europe.

Thus, those who have little chance to compete against gaming opponents in America or Germany have more of a chance to gain a sense of achievement and have more fun on Russian gaming platforms.

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Can a Russian IP Address be Used on Gaming Consoles or Smart TVs?

No matter whether you enter the online world using Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 5Xbox or a Smart TV—even if none of these devices offer the default capability of setting up VPN access, you can still use them to gain access to online offers from Russia: with our plug and play  VPN Router – the Shellfire Box, which can be switched between your own Internet access and the device in just a few steps.

There’s no downside for you. Every device that connects to the Shellfire Box via Wi-Fi uses the Shellfire VPN directly. All other devices in your home continue to operate on your home network with direct access to your Internet service provider.

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Is it Legal to Fake a Russian IP Address?

We would like to point out that the following information does not constitute legal advice and that you are responsible for your own internet activities.

In most countries, VPN use is possible without any problems. Both from a technical and legal standpoint, you don’t need to worry about doing something forbidden as soon as you simulate a Russian IP address. Just make sure you comply with the terms of use of Russian online services when you use them abroad. Furthermore, you should obviously not engage in any illegal activities.


A Russian IP address offers significant advantages, especially at this time when Russian media is blocked almost worldwide. There are very interesting and versatile streaming offerings, both in entertainment and journalistic content, which provide an informal insight into the giant empire between Europe and the Pacific. Access to easier lobbies for gamers, and last but not least, increased security while browsing thanks to VPN encryption are other reasons to use a Russian VPN with Shellfire.

So don’t hesitate to download the Shellfire VPN application. You can start reaping the benefits of a Russian IP address right away. If you want to equip your Smart TV or gaming console with a Russian IP address, the Shellfire Box is the best route to Russian TV channels, streaming offers and gaming platforms.

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