Poland VPN: How to Simulate a Polish IP Address

Although your local streaming services offer numerous international movies and series, it is difficult to watch Polish content abroad. The streaming selection of these channels is protected by geo-blocking. This means that only users from a certain geographic region can access those services.

Geo-blocking can be easily circumvented with the help of what’s known as a VPN. If you want to access a Polish streaming service, you need a Polish IP address. Shellfire VPN makes it easy to simulate such an IP address.

How to Get a Polish IP Address

If you are based in Poland, you automatically have a Polish IP address. Outside of the country, you can use a VPN software like Shellfire. This is an application that roues an encrypted Internet connection through a VPN server. The server is located in the region you are interested in.

The main advantage is that you get an IP address of the corresponding country. This allows you to unlock the Internet across borders. Shellfire VPN makes this very easy.

Follow these steps to get a Polish IP address:

  • Download the Shellfire software for your operating system
  • Install the VPN software
  • Select the appropriate country

Now you can access Polish websites that are normally blocked to foreigners.

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Advantages of a Polish VPN

Stream Polish TV

An important feature is that you can now stream Polish TV.

Without a VPN, you can’t access popular channels like TV-Polonia. If you want to watch the popular comedry drama “Usta usta” in another country, you need to connect the network. With a VPN, you won’t deal with any more service blocks, because everything will now be available.

In Poland, Netflix isn’t the only service offering hundreds of series and films, but local providers do as well. The public broadcaster TVP, for example, offers a large media library with Polish series, movies, and news. Another provider is Polsatbox-Go, which offers a huge selection of niche programs. Sometimes, streaming provider fees are cheaper in other countries than your own. This is how price discrimination can be prevented.

Traffic encryption to prevent spying and data theft

A VPN provider like Shellfire takes care of encrypting a web request, which means you can navigate the web in complete privacy. Your data is protected because the traffic is obfuscated and cannot be deciphered by hackers. Nobody will know who you are and what you do online. This data encryption is very useful, especially when dialing into a public network or a open network or a communal workspace.

With a hidden IP address, you can keep snoops and DDoS attacks at bay. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about censorship from website operators or the government.

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Can Polish IP Addresses be Simulated on Smart TVs or Game Consoles?

It is even possible to fake a Polish IP address on devices such as Smart TVs, game consoles, or streaming sticks. These usually don’t come with in-built VPN support. However, it is possible to connect them to the Shellfire Box.

Thanks to this plug & play VPN routers, you can enjoy the same benefits on these devices. It can be used to protect devices which don’t have VPN support. For example, you can access international game servers and blocked content. You can now play games like Super Smash Bros, or GTA with friends from abroad.

With Smart TV, you have access to all the programs in Poland and your privacy remains protected. You can connect any device to the Shellfire Box. Devices you don’t want to link will remain connected to your usual home network via traditional means.

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Is it Legal to Simulate a Polish IP Address?

Note: The following paragraph does not constitute legal advice and you remain responsible for your actions online.

In some countries, using a VPN is not legal, or is only legal if you have a license from the state. This completely defeats the purpose of such a network. Many states impose censorship, so these governments don’t like to see virtual private networks and thus ban them.

However, in most countries, VPNs are completely legal. This is also the case in Poland. You are not allowed to use them for illegal file sharing or downloading, because this it still is not a license for illegal actions.

Geo-blocking often only has licensing reasons. There are country-specific rights, especially in the case of sports content. Nevertheless, it is not illegal to unlock this content with the help of a VPN. The question of copyright is very complex, so you should monitor the legal situation.


If you want unfettered access to streaming content from Poland, a VPN is the best solution. No matter if you use a Smart TV, game console or cell phone, a VPN makes a lot of things easier. You can safely travel through different countries without having to worry about hackers or governments spying on your data.

Play with other gamers across borders without limit. With Shellfire VPN, you can enjoy all the benefits of a Polish IP address. The whole thing is completely legal, because accessing foreign services is not illegal. Often, streaming portals in other countries are cheaper than your own. Furthermore, it is possible to get first-hand information about developments in the neighboring country. This brings the free Internet a bit closer again.

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