Portugal VPN: How to Simulate a Portuguese IP Address

There’s much to be said for using a Portuguese IP address, such as the ability to stream country-specific content or gain additional security when browsing Portuguese websites. A Portuguese VPN is the ideal, cost-effective solution for this. It gives you the ability to fake an IP address from Portugal, so that it looks like you are accessing the Internet from that country.

This article will show you exactly how a Shellfire VPN allows you to gain a Portuguese address quickly and easily.

How to Obtain a Portuguese IP Address?

If you either reside in Portugal yourself or use the service of a VPN provider such as Shellfire, you will automatically access the internet with an assigned Portuguese IP address.

VPN stands for virtual private network. This can be refer to both a personal, as well as virtual, communication network. Virtual means that the devices you use, such as smartphones or laptops, are not physically connected via network cable or wireless WLAN connection, as in the case of a home connection. Instead, the whole process is done virtually, via VPN software.

After connection, the VPN server assigns your device a new IP address, for example, from Portugal. In addition, this connection is encrypted and thus secure, so third parties, whether other websites, Internet operators or hackers, cannot access the connection or view the transmitted data.

You generate a Portuguese IP address if the VPN server you have chosen is located in Portugal.

Obtaining a Portuguese IP address like this is simple and only takes a few steps:

  1. Download a VPN software, like Shellfire’s for example, and install it on your device.
  2. Select Portugal as the desired country from the VPN software’s options.
  3. Connect to the internet and open the website or app of your choice.

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Advantages of a VPN Connection to Portugal

Access content only available in Portugal

A big advantage of having a Portuguese IP address is that you can bypass what’s known as geo-blocking. This means that access to different websites is restricted to certain countries. Thus, there are certain Portuguese websites you can’t access unless you are in Portugal or have a Portuguese IP address.

By using VPN software, it is possible to by-pass these blocks and also access websites usually only accessible to people from Portugal and not from elsewhere.

Streaming services especially only offer certain series or movies in certain countries, such as Portugal. With VPN software, you can obtain a Portuguese IP address, so the websites or, for example, streaming services, also provide you with content access.

Privacy & security

In addition, privacy and security are also important when browsing online. Not only does the VPN software five you a Portuguese IP address, but that connection is also encrypted and completely secure. In fact, you can use your VPN server even while abroad or outside of Portugal when you need a stable and, above all, secure Internet connection.

Third parties have no way of accessing this connection, so you can also do your banking safely using a VPN server.

Anonymous downloading

Another advantage of a VPN connection to Portugal is that even the authorities don’t monitor the connection. Many countries have different laws for cybercrime. In principle, this is to protect the personal data of internet users. In practice, however, it turns out that these laws restrict online browsing and freedom in particular.

Portugal takes a somewhat more relaxed view of the issue. In this country, for example, it is possible to use P2P, or peer-to-peer, file sharing to exchange digital information without problems. Software and games in particular are transferred by means of torrent file, which is punishably by law in many countries and can lead to either bandwidth restrictions or even fines.

This isn’t the case in Portugal, where with a Portuguese IP address, you can access software as if you were in Portugal and are therefore subject to fewer restrictions, which in practice allow you to download anonymously.

Is it Possible to Fake a Portuguese IP Address on Smart TVs or Game Consoles?

Under normal circumstances, neither Smart TVs or game consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series, have VPN support. However, with a plug-and-play VPN router like the Shellfire Box, it’s possible to fake a Portuguese IP address even on a gaming console or Smart TV. This is an attractive feature, since it’s also possible to connect these devices to the internet.

The video below shows you how to set up and use the Shellfire Box:

You don’t necessarily have to connect all devices in your household to the VPN server. You can selectively connect a few devices to the Shellfire Box, such as your gaming console or TV, or even a smartphone, and it will automatically connect them to the VPN server. You also benefit from the same advantages of a VPN server and a Portuguese address.

If you’re interested, you can find more information about the Shellfire Box or order it directly by clicking this link. 

Is it Legal to Simulate a Portuguese IP Address?

Please note we are not offering you any kind of legal advice. You remain independently responsible for your online activities.

The use of a VPN server is perfectly legal in most countries and this includes Portugal. However, you should always pay attention to the terms of use for different services when surfing the Internet, even when using a VPN. Individually, there may be special regulations. Neither every website nor every service provider allows the use of a VPN. And even if you are practically anonymous online, you could, depending on the terms of use, still violate the law with certain sites. However, this is the exception not the rule.

Also, you should never engage in illegal activities online, as they remain illegal even with an encrypted connection.


You shouldn’t miss out on the many advantages of a Portuguese IP address and VPN software. Streaming services in particular offer you more freedom and choice. Also, in terms of security, you are in good hands wit ha VPN software like Shellfire and can benefit from the advantages immediately after downloading.

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