Discord VPN: Guide & FAQ

Discord is one of the most popular chat applications among gamers and already has some important built-in security features.

However, in certain situations it can still be useful to have a VPN connection enabled when using Discord. In this article, we’ll explain how and why.

What integrated security features does Discord have?

Discord’s inbuilt security features include a protection mechanism against DDoS attacks and IP leaks, as well as 2-factor authentication to prevent account theft and end-to-end encryption for voice chats.

Also, all messages are sent over the HTTPS protocol, which in most cases makes spying on message content via unsecured public networks or through the internet provider almost impossible.

Despite these already impressive security features on Discord, there are still reasons to use a Discord VPN.

What are the reasons for using a Discord VPN?

Keep your IP address and other personal data private

Discord’s privacy policy warns that the company may store potentially sensitive data such as your IP address and device ID on its own servers. This data can later be used, for example, to generate personal advertising.

Furthermore, despite the above-mentioned security features, it is possible for hackers or rival players to get your IP address if you are on a public, unsecured network. In this case, it would be possible for rivals to launch a DDoS attack against you.

Use Discord despite it being blocked by your network

In many institutions, such as schools, universities, or even corporate networks, Discord is now blocked, which means that the application is specifically prevented from sending and receiving data packets over the Internet.

If you employ a VPN connection, you can avoid this problem, since the network administrator or filtering software will no longer be able to detect that you’re using Discord.

Access Discord in countries where the app is blocked

In countires such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Iran und Egypt, you cannot use Discord, as it has been blocked by their respective governments.

If you don’t want to miss out on Discord while in one of these countries, your only option is a VPN.

Which VPN software is the best to use with Discord?

Shellfire VPN is a secure VPN Software without logfiles, which also supports the particularly fast Wireguard protocol. This means that Shellfire addresses the most important needs for gamers, and is ideal to use in conjunction with Discord.

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Does a Discord VPN work on consoles like PlayStation or Xbox?

Unfortunately, consoles like the  Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 don’t offer in-built VPN support.

However, thanks to a useful little device known as the Shellfire Box, it is possible to use a Discord VPN on consoles as well, and it is simple, straightforward and fast. We’ll show you how easy it is to set up this hardware VPN in the following video.

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By design, Discord offers many important and useful security features, but sometimes these are still insufficient for protecting you and your privacy. In such cases, a VPN is the missing piece of the puzzle. Furthermore, a VPN can be useful in situations where the Discord app is actually blocked

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