How to Save Money Booking Flights & Hotels via VPN

Do you travel a lot and are looking for a way to book cheaper flights and hotels? In this article, we’ll tell you how to do it best with the help of a VPN.

How to find cheaper airline tickets with the aid of a VPN?

Airline ticket prices can vary greatly and often depend on where you are booking from, so using a VPN to book airline tickets can save you hundreds of dollars. How well this method sometimes works can be seen in this forum discussion, among others:

The trick is simple: you simply change your IP address to one of Shellfire’s 38+ server locations , making it appear to all websites you visit as if you are actually from the selected country.

To prevent the provider from possibly “remembering” one of your previous visits, it is best to always follow the procedure below:

Remove the cache and cookies. Open the VPN and select the server in the country of your choice. Now open the tab for private browsing and make sure you are still on the page of the appropriate country. The extension .de should be unrecognizable.

Of course, the method doesn’t always work and not with every provider. But it is worth a try in any case, especially given the other advantages of VPN software, which include the ability to browse anonymously, bypass geo-blocking or even improve your ping.

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How to save money booking hotels via VPN?

Using a VPN doesn’t just help you save big when booking flights. Hotels and hotel comparison platforms also change their prices based on your location. Again, whenever possible while booking, you should check the prices with an activated VPN connection and use your browser’s private browsing mode.

If you don’t have immediate luck with your first location, don’t give up right away, but try a few more locations. As a rule, you are more likely to save money if:

  • Your IP address is from a country with a tendency toward lower income
  • Special discounts exists for the country from which you are connecting. This may be due to country-specific holidays, among other things.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to check hotel comparison portals both on your desktop and from your cellphone, because sometimes there are special discounts from one device to another as well.

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Is it legal to book flights or hotels via VPN?

Note: The following paragraphs do not constitute legal advice, as we are not qualified to provide such guidance.

In short, the use of a VPN connection is legal in almost all countries, which is why you can also book hotels and flights via VPN without having to fear any legal consequences.

In rare cases, however, you may be shown low prices that you are not actually entitled to and that are linked to a certain nationality or residence, for example. Especially South American airlines via Avianca or LATAM, which have been doing this for a long time, as demonstrated in this discussion on TripAdvisor.

So if you come across a particularly good offer thanks to VPN, take a moment to check out the booking conditions before you make your purchase.


It is easy to get cheaper prices for hotels and flights with the help of a VPN if you have a little bit of time and flexibility. We have explained exactly how this works in the article.

All you have to do is make sure that the booking conditions of the provider do not conflict with your booking, no matter if it is a flight or a hotel—then nothing can stand in the way of big savings on your next trip.

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