Router is Blocking WhatsApp: What To Do?

Are you using WhatsApp or taking a WhatsApp call when the Wi-Fi connection suddenly malfunctions? And when you switch back to the data network, WhatsApp suddenly works without problems?

Chances are that WhatsApp or WhatsApp calls are blocked by a router or firewall. But don’t worry, because in this article, we’ll show you how to get around this problem quickly, easily and for free.

Why is WhatsApp blocked in the first place?

WhatsApp may encounter blocks for intentional and unintentional reasons, the former in the sense that the ports used by WhatsApp are blocked with the aim of no longer allowing WhatsApp to be used.

However, blocking WhatsApp can also be a side effect of actually preventing the use of another applications that happen to use the same ports.

How to use WhatsApp without restrictions despite a block?

If you are responsible for configuring the router or if you have access to the router or firewall, first make sure that the ports used by WhatsApp have not been blocked by mistake and fix the problem directly.

If, on the other hand, you do not have access to the router, for example because you are in a public Wi-Fi network, then dialing into the Internet via VPN connection is the fastest and easiest solution.

While it sounds complicated at first if you’re unfamiliar with the process, it’s actually quite simple. First, download our free VPN client for the operating system where you use WhatsApp:

Then install the software on your chosen device and simply follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as you complete all the steps, you can connect the Internet via VPN, and despite any blocks by the router or a firewall, use WhatsApp again without restrictions.

Click here for more information on the free version of Shellfire, as well as our even better Premium option.

Is it legal to bypass WhatsApp blocks by using this technique?

Note: The following does not constitute legal advice and we make no claim to its accuracy or completely.

Using a VPN is completely legal and, on top of that, it allows you to browse and download anonymously and protect your personal data, which is quite important especially with public Wi-Fi networks.

Of course, by circumventing the WhatsApp block, you may violate the terms of use of the Wi-Fi connection provided to you. VPN software also doesn’t protect you from trouble with colleagues and superiors in situations where WhatsApp is discouraged, for example, at your workplace.


Installing our VPN software is a quick, easy and even completely free means of bypassing routers or firewalls which block WhatsApp.

Additionally, your private data is protected, you are able to take action against geo-blocks and, for example, unlock restricted YouTube videos.

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