VPN for CoD Warzone: Play in Easier Lobbies

For a long time now, the online shooter CoD Warzone has been a steady and popular part of the gaming community. Instead of losing popularity, more and more players continue to join, many of whom bring with them their years of experience in the franchise. Within the community, that creates a strong contrast between new and inexperienced as well as professional and long-time players. Although developers deny it, many suspect that the popular game is based on SBMM, or skill-based matchmaking. Thus, the allocation of lobbies as well as players and the accompanying difficulty level should depend on the player’s own skills and progress.

The not insignificant percentage of players who prefer a calmer and less competitive way of playing sometimes feel disadvantages by this system. Thus, the idea of running the game including all connections, including all connections, was born. Thanks to this method, using a VPN tunnel opens the gates to a much wider range of lobbies, server and thus a different difficulty level tailored to your needs. In some circumstances, using such a VPN tunnel can also increase the data speed in the game and improve your ping.

How to Play CoD Warzone in Easier Lobbies?

As in most games, CoD Warzone’s software automatically assumes your VPN connection’s target country. You don’t have to worry about the game’s target country, other than when choosing your VPN server. Once you have chosen a suitable VPN location, you’ll quickly discover the benefits of matching with easier opponents and a faster ping.

The target country often influences lobby difficulty

Before you set your target country, you should consider a few factors. Skill-based matchmaking is programmed to connect as many players of similar rank into a lobby, which often involves difficult opponents and challenging matches.

In a target country where there tends to be fewer players playing or if it is currently early in the morning, the game must draw from the contingent of players currently online. This often makes for a stark difference between ranks, and offers you an easier difficulty level. So always consider the factors of time and location when choosing your target.

A dedicated VPN can slightly improve your ping

The choice of server country can also improve your ping in certain cases, thus leading to faster in-game response times. However, in the case of VPNs in very distant countries, the ping can actually become worse.

Therefore, the best thing to do here is to try out which server and option best suits your needs.

How to Set Up a Shellfire VPN for Warzone

Setting up Shellfire VPN is quick and easy. For phones and tablets running iOS or Android, all you need to do is download the Shellfire app from the App Store or Play Store. Software for computers or laptops, on the other hand, can be downloaded directly from our homepage, regardless of whether you use Windows of MacOS.

After installing and logging in, you will find all the Shellfire VPN features in one place. Just select the desired country and server in the main menu, and you can start up CoD Warzone as usual.

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Can You Also Use a VPN to Play Warzone on Consoles?

Thanks to our Shellfire Box, you can play Warzone on consoles such as Xbox Series S and Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via VPN.

All you have to do is connect the Shellfire Box to your router and then connect your console to the new WiFi network originating from the Shellfire Box. If you want to disconnect the VPN connection, you simply reconnect your console to your conventional WiFi network.

The following video shows you how easy this is in practice.

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Has Activision Issued a VPN Ban?

Note: The following section does not constitute legal advice and we assume no liability for the accuracy or timeliness of the statements made below. 

As of today, there is no section about VPN connections in the CoD Warzone End User License Agreement. Furthermore, connecting through a VPN tunnel is not considered a cheat or exploit and does not affect the game in any way.

The potential positive side effect of improving ping does give you an advantage over a conventionally connected server, but it is not a violation due to the diversity and quality of the many players’ internet connections.


Our VPN connection’s setup is not only use-friendly and easy to understand, but also offers fast and satisfactory results. No matter if you use our software or the Shellfire Box.

With a diverse selection of VPN servers in different countries, you’ll quickly find an easier lobby and maybe even improve your ping in Warzone.

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