How to Get a US IP Address (For Free)?

In America, everything is limitless. Well, maybe not everything, but when it comes to the Internet, there are indeed many good reasons to browse with an American IP address.

In this article, we’ll tell you why and how you can fake an American IP address.

Why Use an American IP Address?

Whatever country you’re in, have you ever thought how nice it would be to navigate the Internet without restrictions? From time to time, you simply can’t access certain websites or offers because of what’s known as geo-blocking, which prevents this access.

To avoid this and watch American Netflix series without waiting for delayed releases, there are a few options.

Access American Media Libraries & Streaming Services

If you live outside of the USA, or perhaps are an American visiting abroad, you’ll probably notice that a lot of content it blocked in your media libraries and streaming services. This is due to what’s known as geo-blocking, which prevents content availability in certain countries.

An American IP address is worth its weight in gold if you want to view such blocked content in other countries and, for example, watch series before their official launch in your location. With a VPN, the problem can easily be circumvented by faking an American IP address.

Another reason to use an American IP address: perhaps you’re an American hoping to access Netflix and Hulu while travelling abroad. This option is also recommended for HBO GO and Vudu. If you’re a sports fan, you might want to stream live sports from the MLB, NBA or NFL via ESPN without restriction.

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Access to Blocked Websites

There are not only many restrictions on streaming in certain countries, but also on Internet diversity. Many US websites are blocked for users in Europe since the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

While you travel through Europe, you can get around this with a VPN and an American IP address, stress free!

DSGVO gesperrte Webseite

Quite a few websites from the USA have been blocking EU user since the introduction of the GDPR.

Anonymity online

If access to certain American content isn’t your priority, then perhaps it’s privacy that’s important to you. Although most countries have it pretty good (compared to Saudi Arabia or Dubai, for example), the issue of anonymity remains high priority for them as well.

Internet users want to move freely on the Internet and not be exposed to the constant scrutiny of “virtual eyes”. With VPN access, it is possible to surf the net anonymously and securely, while at the same time removing regional restrictions.

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How to Get an American IP Address with Shellfire VPN

With the Shellfire VPN, it’s easy to get an American IP address quickly and hassle-free. You can download the app easily for

This way, you can be on the go with Shellfire’s VPN on desktop, smartphone, as well as tablet.

Once you select a VPN plan, you can enjoy 256-bit encryption and unlimited traffic. There are servers located in 38 countries that you can connect to without speed limits, for example, to simulate an American IP address.

Is It Legal to Simulate an American IP Address?

To access a virtual private network, all you need is Shellfire VPN access. Everything else is very easy to implement and in a few minutes, your American IP address will be ready for use.

The good thing is that this procedure is legal. In fact, the Copyright Act states that no effective technical measures may be used to circumvent this protection. However, legal experts predominantly agree that a proxy block cannot be considered effective protection. The block is very easy to circumvent, so according to the current state of knowledge, these blocks may also be legally circumvented.

Important: Of course, it depends on individual cases. Depending on what you use the American IP address to do, there may be certain websites whose terms and conditions stipulate those users must be located on American soil. But again, there are usually no consequences if these ToS are broken. The worst that will happen is probably the blocking of the (easily changeable) IP address.


There are many good reasons to use an American IP address, Are you an American travelling abroad and don’t want to miss out on your usual web content? Maybe you live in another country and want to surf the net anonymously and securely without restrictions.

You can access Netflix and other streaming content of your choice, stream series and movies earlier and enjoy live sports broadcasts simultaneously. Simulating an American IP address can be achieved easily and at any time using Shellfire’s VPN.

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