YouTube Premium: Cheaper with a VPN

Want to enjoy YouTube Premium at a low price? It’s possible to do it even in this country. But how exactly does it work and why should you use the Shellfire VPN?

In this guide, we’ll address exactly these questions and also explain other terms related to the topic. We hope you enjoy reading through it.

What is YouTube Premium and What Are the Advantages?

YouTube Premium is an upgraded YouTube account. It offers the user the same advantages. For example, you can watch original movies and series on YouTube that are tagged with the YouTube Premium tag. In addition, advertising is no longer displayed. Furthermore, YouTube Premium allows you to download videos directly from the platform. It also unlocks YouTube Music, giving you access to a vast music library.

Tutorial: Buy YouTube Premium via Shellfire VPN

With Shellfire VPN, you can manipulate your own IP address. In other words, if you select the country Argentina or India, and then access YouTube, the website will think that you are in India or Argentina. Not only does this give you the opportunity to enjoy the movies and series there: you also only pay the prices that are paid there for certain services, such as YouTube Premium.

To use an Argentinian IP address, all you need to do is:

  1. Download Shellfire VPN for the operating system of your choice.
  2. Install the Shellfire VPN app.
  3. Connect to the country of your choice in the app.

Now you can log into your YouTube account and purchase YouTube Premium at a much cheaper price.

Click here to download Shellfire VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android!

Where is YouTube Premium particularly affordable?

Argentina, where the rate is about 2.20 Euros per month, is just one of many options. Turkey is also very reasonable, at around 1.60 Euros per month. Furthermore, Ukraine offers about 2.70 Euros, India about 1.60 Euros, the Philippines about 2.90 Euros and Indonesia about 3.80 Euros a month, which is much cheaper than in countries like Germany (11.90 Euros per month).

Is a foreign credit card required to purchase YouTube Premium?

Thanks to globalization, it is not necessary to have a bank account in another country. Many companies and individuals now have their bank account in a completely different country, so no foreign credit card is needed to get YouTube Premium cheaper with this little trick.

Is it legal to buy YouTube Premium via VPN?

Note: The following paragraphs do not constitute legal advice.

Yes and no. You are kind of in a legal gray area here, because as the saying goes, ‘no plaintiff, no judge’. Of course this isn’t quite how YouTube intended it to be, however, the corporation can’t really do anything about it at this time.

After all, millions of people use this method (or Shellfire VPN) to enjoy cheaper YouTube Premium access. Therefore, YouTube cannot possibly prosecute all these people, let alone do anything else.


All in all, it makes perfect sense to use Shellfire VPN to, for example, ensure a cheaper way of accessing YouTube Premium. Not only does it give you more service for less money, you’re also surfing the web completely anonymously with Shellfire VPN. Put plainly, this means your online data can’t be forwarded directly to large corporations automatically and usually without your consent. In addition, you can also enjoy content (not just on YouTube!) which isn’t available in your actual country of residence.

A good example is the local news and TV offerings. So, if you want to watch news from other countries and gain insight into other points of view, you can do so from the comfort of your own home with Shellfire VPN. You don’t have to travel to another country to do that. YouTube Premium is just a bonus, so to speak, which you gain with the purchase of the Shellfire VPN.

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