Ordering Steam Deck in Norway – Before The End of 2023

At the moment, there’s a considerable worldwide demand for Steam Decks. Unfortunately, the handheld gaming system by Valve isn’t available everywhere, and officially can’t actually be ordered in Norway yet. It’s only available for purchase in the EU, UK, Canada, and the USA.

The following article will show you two options for acquiring your very own Steam Deck today, even if you’re based in Norway.

Option 1: Order Steam Deck via VPN

To do this, you will need:

  • An EU credit card: you can get one fast, easy and free at Revolut or Openbank
  • A VPN client to simulate an EU IP address. Shellfire is the best choice, and our free version should be more thansufficient for your needs.
  • A pickup location in an EU country

To pre-order the Steam Deck, the first thing you need to do is change your store region. The easiest way to do this is to add any product to your online cart, and during checkout you will be given the option of changing your Steam region.

Note: There is a low risk associated with this, as it’s possible Valve might block your Steam account for circumventing geo-blocking. However, Norwegian consumer protection prohibits geo-blocking, so it should cancel out.

Ideally, you would change your location to the same place you intend to send your Steam Deck.

After you change your Steam region, you should be able to reserve the Steam Deck. However, it will likely take several months until it is actually delivered in the EU; as of July 2022, Valve is still having trouble keeping up with production and delivery, although the situation seems to have improved since the device was brought to market.

So download the Shellfire VPN right now to pre-order your Steam Deck in Norway today!

Option 2: Order Steam Deck from Scalpers

On eBay, as well as other online auction sites and classifieds portals, Steam Deck is easily available for anyone. The catch here is that you’ll pay at least twice as much as you would from the official sources.

If this isn’t a problem, check out the following link:


Make sure that wherever you’re looking for your deal, that they ship to Norway or a location you’re willing to travel to in order to pick up your Steam Deck.

As with any online store, keep an eye out for scams and—if possible—never pay anything without some form of buyer protection.


Although not exactly easy, by using a few tricks or even shelling out a bit of extra cash, you can get your very own Steam Deck long before its release in Norway.

Featured Image: Liam Dawe/GamingOnLinux/Wikimedia

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