How to earn Twitch drops for PUBG: Battlegrounds using a VPN

  • 12th Dec, 2023

What is PUBG: Battlegrounds and why should I want to earn PUBG Twitch drops?

PUBG: Battlegrounds is the OG Battle Royale shooter game. Back in 2017, it was the first game to bring the innovative loot-and-survive mechanic to the masses. The concept was later copied and further refined by games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends and many others.  Despite the competition and its age, PUBG is still very popular among gamers, especially since it has become free to play. PUBG may the the granddaddy of Battle Royale, but the devs are still constantly bringing exciting new content to the game, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

Drops are a popular feature of the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch. Krafton Inc., the publishing company of PUBG, has partnered with Twitch to offer reward drops to stream viewers.  These drops let you earn valuable in-game items for watching a certain time of gaming streams. Dropped items include skins, emotes, contraband coupons, different loot boxes and in some cases even G-Coin cases! These items are often worth quite some money when purchased through the PUBG in-game store, so make sure to be on the lookout for new drops.

How to get PUBG Twitch drops?

Twitch drops are open to anyone with a Twitch account. There is no need to be an Amazon Prime customer to get a drop. You will also need to register for a Krafton ID. Once you have your Krafton ID ready, log in to and link your Twitch account. From here, the process is easy:

  1. Visit this link to check for ongoing drop campaigns and select the drop campaign of your favorite game (make sure your’re logged in to your Twitch account)
  2. Watch one of the participating channels for the time required and hit Claim
  3. Launch PUBG, your dropped items should already be in your inventory!

Why should I farm PUBG Twitch drops using a VPN?

Twitch has launched a significant number of region locked drops for PUBG. These can only be farmed by gamers located in certain parts of the world. PUBG is particularly popular in Asia, therefore we were not surprised to see Asia-only drops appear. Asia is not the only interesting region, though. Twitch has recently also listed a number of LATAM (Latin America) exclusive drops, for example. Getting these drops usually requires you to watch streamers from the specific region of the drop. You can simply leave the twitch stream running in the background and turn the volume off if you are only there for the drop, of course.

In order to receive a region locked drop, you need create a new Twitch account in the region of the drop. Registering for a Twitch account is free. If you are looking for an “Asian” Twitch account, all you need  is an E-mail address and a VPN connection to a server in Asia. The same thing works for Europea, North America, Latin America and other Regions, of course.

How to get a Region locked PUBG Twitch drop using a VPN

Let’s say you are after an Asia-exclusive PUBG drop, simply follow these steps:

  1. Start up your VPN Software and connect to a server in Asia (e.g. Singapore or Hong Kong)
  2. Log out of Twitch or use an incognito/private browser window and visit the Twitch website
  3. Click “Sign Up” and complete the sign up process using an E-mail address you have not already used with Twitch
  4. If you had previously linked your Twitch account to your Krafton ID, unlink it after logging in to krafton.comUnlink you Twitch account from your Krafton ID
  5. Link your new Twitch account to your in-game accountLink your new Twitch account to your Krafton ID
  6. Start watching the streams required to get the drop and claim the drop once you’ve spent enough time watching

It should not be required to keep the VPN on while watching the streams. Completing the Sign up for Twitch through the VPN should be enough. You can now start farming drops in different regions by simply creating a Twitch account for each region and then switching between these accounts!

Which VPN is best to earn Region locked PUBG Twitch drops?

Naturally, we recommend our own VPN service, Shellfire VPN. Our 100% free service is restricted to a few VPN servers in the US and Germany. That means you could use it to farm EU and US drops for free. In order to get the exclusive Asian and Latin American drops, you will have to check out our paid plans! We offer access to VPN servers in 40 countries, covering all continents (except for Antarctica…) and all Twitch regions.

Using a VPN offers a great deal of other benefits as well including protection of your privacy and access to plenty of exclusive online services. Get your VPN now and start earning those drops before they expire!

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