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Unlocking the Potential of Your AV Receiver with Shellfire Box

The Shellfire Box is a versatile and user-friendly VPN router that brings enhanced connectivity and security to a variety of devices, including AV receivers. This device stands out for its ease of setup, broad device compatibility, and its all-in-one package that offers great value for money[1][2][3]. Bypassing Geo-Restrictions One of...

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How to Watch American TV in Canada: The Ultimate Guide

Living in Canada and longing to catch the latest episodes of your favorite American shows? Wish to enjoy the extensive libraries of American streaming services? Thanks to Shellfire VPN, it's easier than ever to bypass geographical restrictions and dive into the world of American television, right from the Great White...

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Why you should choose a VPN Made in Germany

  • 9th May, 2023

One of the questions that keeps popping up in the e-mails we receive is "Why should I pick a VPN provider based in Germany?". There are many misconceptions around jurisdictions and privacy laws, and the topic can be complex, so we will try to outline how things currently look from...

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