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Router is Blocking WhatsApp: What To Do?

Are you using WhatsApp or taking a WhatsApp call when the Wi-Fi connection suddenly malfunctions? And when you switch back to the data network, WhatsApp suddenly works without problems? Chances are that WhatsApp or WhatsApp calls are blocked by a router or firewall. But don’t worry, because in this article,...

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Router is Blocking Steam: What To Do?

Think your router might be blocking Steam? This is a common problem when at a hotel, vacation rental or temporary apartment—but even at home, a properly configured router can prevent Steam from connecting to the internet. In this article, we’ll show you what to do in such cases, whether you...

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How to Get a Spanish IP Address

If you live in Spain and go online there, or establish an Internet connection while travelling there, you have access to all the usual web options. But what about when you live or travel outside of Spain and want to access TV streaming or websites that are only available within...

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How to Get an Italian IP Address

Your online IP address depends on the location of your dial-up. This means that if you need to use an Italian IP address, you would theoretically need to dial in from Italy. In most cases, it doesn’t matter at all which country code your IP has, but many providers such...

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How to Browse Anonymously with iPhone

Privacy and anonymity are important to many iPhone users. This is particularly true since Apple regularly brings these issues to the forefront when presenting new products. But what possibilities does this smartphone from California offer for exploring the Net undetected? Here are the common possibilities: [toc] Why is it recommended...

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