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VPN by Shellfire for anonymous internet. Free choice from servers all around the world. Unlocks Services blocked in your country. Be safe from all online spies with VPN by Shellfire. Download now for free!


0,00 € / month

  • For Windows, Mac and Android
  • Surf normally
  • Encrypted internet
  • Server in Germany Usa
  • Secure Hotspot-Surfing
  • Firewall Evasion
  • Hide your own IP


from 2,92 € / month*

  • For all common operating systems
  • High security
  • Highspeed
  • Encrypted internet
  • OpenVPN, PPTP
  • Server in AustriaBelgiumCanadaSwitzerlandGermanyDenmarkSpainFranceUnited KingdomHong KongItalyNetherlandsPolandRomaniaRussian FederationSwedenUsa
  • Secure Hotspot-Surfing
  • Firewall Evasion
  • Hide your own IP

Premium Plus

from 4,99 € / month*

  • For all common operating systems
  • High security
  • Premium Highspeed
  • Encrypted internet
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec
  • Server in AustriaAustraliaBelgiumCanadaSwitzerlandChileGermanyDenmarkSpainFinlandFranceUnited KingdomGreeceHong KongIsle of ManIcelandItalyJapanLuxembourgNetherlandsPolandRomaniaRussian FederationSwedenSingaporeUsa
  • Secure Hotspot-Surfing
  • Firewall Evasion
  • Hide your own IP

VPN Status


Please note: This information can be accessed by every website you visit
IP address54.82.99.24


Country Usa

“I personally like this service very much” Michael Diestelberg,
Editor, (Website in German)

“We are impressed with the quality of your product” Softpedia

“be online encrypted and anonymous in a heartbeat” Computer Bild 11/2014

* billed yearly, automatic renewal

Comparison table: Free, Premium, Premium Plus

  • Connection Free Premium Premium Plus
    Surf the web anonymously
    Hide your own IP address
    Encrypted internet connection
    Safely use public wifi hotspots
    Traffic / data volume unlimited unlimited unlimited

    768 kbit/sec

    10,000 kbit/sek

    unlimited kbit/sec

    128 bit

    192 bit

    256 bit
    Change location at all times
    Streaming websites
    YouTube (all videos)
    ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and many more
    United Kingdom
    Hong Kong
    Russian Federation
    Isle of Man
    No delay when connecting
    No popup ads
    VPN Types
    L2TP / IPSec VPN
    Operating Systems / devices
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    Mac OS X
    iPhone, iPad, iPod
    Android (smartphones, tablets)
    dd-wrt routers
    1 month free 3,95 euros 7,95 euros
    3 months free 9,95 euros 19.95 euros
    12 months free 34.95 euros 59.90 euros
    Windows Download
    Mac OS X Download
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  • Shellfire VPN has been tested by the editorial staff and received the popular award "CHIP Pick":
  • "allows anonymous and - because of the encryption - safe surfing"

Use services otherwise exclusive to certain countries

  • Many iInternet-services are only available from certain countries. By using Shellfire VPN, it is possible to use these Services, because the Internet \"thinks\" the user would be in another Country. Shellfire operates server in 26 countries, thereby allowing you full access to various Services, e.g. Netfilx, Hulu, Pandora or Zattoo. Changing the Server from one country to another is easily possible using our customer center or our apps.


  • Security for Hotspot-Surfers
  • Free choice of IP addresses in 26 countries
  • unlimited highspeed internet
  • unlimited traffic (fair-use)
  • Surf The Internet Anonymously
  • 128 - 256 bit encryption
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Unblock VOIP Applications (e.g. Skype)

The security in the internet is often poor these days.

  • Public Wifi Hotspots, e.g. in hotels, caf├ęs or fastfood-restauratns offer a quick and easy possibility to check emails or chat with friends. But did you know that in these networks it is - even for amateurs - very easy to see your unencrypted data transfer simply from any other seat around? Emails, passwords and other sensitive data can quickly be obtained by the wrong people.
  • In order to secure your data, you must encrypt them reiliably. This is offered by vpn accounts from Shellfire. Installation is easy and you don't have to install additional software (except when using OpenVPN). Use them with a few clicks, and as soon as the connection has been finished, you can surf securely even in the most dodgy networks.


  • Pick a vpn provider you trust.
  • Please be careful when comparing vpn providers.
  • Many start up companies could use your data for other purposed.
  • Shellfire offers internet services since 2002 and has several thousand happy customers.

Security for Wifi / Hotspot-Surfers

Firewall Evasion and internet censorship

  • Governments
  • In many countries, the internet is censored by the government, so that many offers aren't available. These trials of censorship can be evaded using a non censored vpn server. The government will not even find out about the webpages you visit.
  • Company Firewalls
  • Many companies restrict the internet access of their business networks. By using a VPN server, this censoring can be evaded. We have to make it clear at this point, that we can not take responsibility for the unauthorized usage of our services. Please contact a system administrator first, before using VPN by Shellfire in a business network.

Computer Bild 11/2014: First Place "the best apps"

  • Shellfire VPN for Android was ranked first place in Europe's best selling computer magazine Computer Bild in the category "the best apps" (issue 11/2014).
  • "Be online encrypted and anonymous in a heartbeat."
  • "Surf safely with this app, because it uses a secure data tunnel."
  • Again in 2015, Shellfire VPN was recommended by Computer Bild magazine.
  • "This app protects from data theft and espionage, because it encrypts your connection to the Internet."
  • (Source: Computer Bild 14/2015)

Worldclass Apps for Windows, Mac & Android

  • It's child's play to connect to your Shellfire VPN with our apps for Windows, Mac and Android.
  • But no worries: Even for iOS, the Connection is set up in a heartbeat.

What is VPN?

  • A vpn from Shellfire offers you a secure connection between your computer and one of your Shellfire Server, that can be used over the internet.
  • The encryption of your data to a ShellfireVPN, avoids other network users to access your data. You surf the internet with another ip address and therefore remain anonymous.

What is Shellfire VPN Free?

  • Shellfire VPN Free is a free software for Windows, Mac and Android that you can download and install on your computer. It allows you to enjoy our VPN service super conveniently.
  • We also offer a premium version that offers many advantages over the free version.

No spyware, malware or viruses

  • Shellfire VPN is 100% clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. This has been certified by Softpedia in an independent test:

Internet Connection without Shellfire VPN

  • All data packages are directy sent to the internet unencrypted. Other participants in local networks, e.g. public wi-fi's can easily spy upon these packages.

Internet Connection with Shellfire VPN

  • The internet connection is secured by an encrypted connection to Shellfire VPN. Others in local networks are not able to spy upon these packages, as they are highly encrypted.

Does it work with my ...?

  • Shellfire VPN can be used with a wide variety of devices and operating systems.
  • Have a look at the table on the right to find out, if our VPN services are available for your device. For all listed devices and operating systems, we offer a simple tutorial that is guided with many screenshots.

VPN Types with Shellfire VPN Premium / Premium Plus

  • The following Options are availble with premium and premium plus accounts:
  • Vpn Type PPTP OpenVPN L2TP / IPSec
    Encryption 128 bit MPPE 192 bit AES 168 bit 3DES
    Authorisation Username / Password X.509 Certificate X.509 Certificate
    Additional Client Required
    Setup Complexity easy medium difficult
    Shellfire VPN for Windows Support
    Shellfire VPN for Mac Support
    ShellfireVPN for Android Support
    Premium order order
    Premium Plus order order order
  • Our free software Shellfire VPN is of course also available for users with a premium account and allows using our vpn services conveniently with all premium advantages.

Which vpn technologies are the Shellfire VPN apps based on?

  • The Shellfire VPN apps for Windows, Mac and Android are based on OpenVPN, a wide spread open source vpn solution.
  • With Shellfire VPN it is child's play to setup a private vpn connection.


  • OpenVPN provides the best security and is the most firefall friendly, because it uses port 443, which is usually not blocked by firewalls. However, OpenVPN required downloading and installation of a separate application, the OpenVPN Client.
  • Order OpenVPN now


  • PPTP works with many Windows versions and is the most easy to configure, but also only provides a less degree of security. Furthermore, it is not as firewall friendly as OpenVPN.
  • Order PPTP VPN now


  • L2TP via IPSec provides higher security than PPTP, but is the most difficult to setup. Similar to PPTP, the support for L2TP via IPSec is already integrated in modern Operating Systems, so that it is not neccessary to download an additional client software.
  • Order L2TP / IPSec VPN now

Unblock VOIP Applications (e.g. Skype)

  • Many hdspa providers artificially block voice over ip products. When voice over ip traffic is routed via a vpn connection, it cannot be detected as such anymore. This enables voce over ip!
  • Warning: Not every mobile provider allows using voice over ip software in their hdspa/3g network. Please find out what is written in your mobile contract.

Anonymity in the Internet

  • You can check this after a succesful establishment of the vpn connection at
  • Internet Attacks often aim for a specific ip address. WIth a vpn connection your own ip address is not visible in the internet, because the ip address of the shellfire vpn will be displayed instead. Shellfire servers are build from the most modern hardware, are permanently monitored and are very good protected against attackers.
  • Compared to a regular proxy-server, the whole internet connection is encrypted (that means also ICQ, Email, FTP, News, etc.)

Protection from your own isp (internet provider)

  • Evern for your own internet provider, the internet traffic is encrypted, so that he can not "read" your traffic. Your provider therefore cannot know, which web sites you visit.