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Mumble server

You want the best deal possible? Mumble is an equal alternative to Teamspeak for a lower price. With Mumble's Positional Audio feature, you can always hear where your teammates are inside the game.


€ 1,49 / month

10 slots

  • Up to 10 simultaneous users
  • No setup fee
  • Traffic included


€ 3,72 / month

25 slots

  • Up to 25 simultaneous users
  • No setup fee
  • Traffic included


€ 7,45 / month

50 slots

  • Up to 50 simultaneous users
  • Best selling offer
  • No setup fee
  • Traffic included


14,9 cents / slot

10-400 slots

  • Individual max. users
  • No setup fee
  • Traffic included

Client Download: MS Windows Mac OS

Start now: Instructions

Teamspeak3, Teamspeak2 or Mumble?

  • Which voiceserver is the right one for me? We get asked this question a lot! While TS3 and Mumble both offer excellent voice quality, TS2 is no longer up to date and should only be used on old computers. For TS3 and Mumble, clients are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Mumble supports positional audio for a number of games and hosting is license free, which allows us to offer it at a lower price. TS3 strikes back with a built-in filesharing module and its large userbase. Finally, the decision depends on everbodys personal taste and wallet-size.

High security

  • Mumble servers from Shellfire come with strong SSL encryption activated by default. Your conversation is thus always protected from unwanted listeners.

The facts of your new Mumble server

  • Choose your slots freely - from 10 slots!
  • No setup fees.
  • Traffic included.
  • Support via e-mail and IRC included.
  • 14,9 cents per slot only.

The web interface

  • Serveradmin freely configurable
  • Overview of the technical details.
  • Servername configurable
  • Set up the default channel
  • User management.
  • Code generator for your mumble viewer
  • and much more