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Why reports of bouncer 'Wrong password - Disconnecting'?

That the bouncer brings this message can have several causes.

Go through the following check-list, in 99% of all cases can be helped to you:
in mIRC ALT-E press the "Connect" menu: for email address, the ident of the bouncers is entered.
In mIRC ALT-E press menu "Connect"- "Identd": for user ID the ID of the bouncers is entered.
The Ident was both completely written in small, because upper - case here is sensitive.
In mIRC ALT-E press menu "connect"- "Server": the bouncer server is not a typo in the server, port, or password.
Also when the password was the large - case sensitive.
The bouncer in the table at My IRC bouncer in the "Status" column has the value of 'active'.

If after careful review of this points, still the message appears "Wrong Password", you should change the password at My IRC bouncer .

If still no login is possible after the password change, contact the support.