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SSL connection

To make SSL-enabled their IRC bouncer requires multiple steps separated in itself: . Install the correct software
1 IRC-bouncer on port change, which starts (only PsyBNC) with "28"
3. Connect with SSL on the IRC bouncer
4. The IRC bouncer with SSL to IRC connect

1 IRC-bouncer on port change, which starts (only PsyBNC) with "28"
Shellfire SSL connections only from ports that start with "28" are made possible.

Should your IRC bouncer is already present on such a port, you can proceed to step 2.

If your IRC bouncer not yet on such a port, you must move it first there.
Click Customer Center along the left in the menu and then my IRC bouncer. For the IRC bouncer with which you want to use SSL on the link, click change in the Servercolumn. On the following page, please select the link Server Exchange with direct port selection. Please select any port, starting with "28", E.g. "28002" page appears. Then click move bouncer and wait a few minutes.

Your bouncer is now on a SSL-enabled port and can be used with SSL.

2. the correct software
You need SSL support for your operating system and one SSL enabled IRC client.

The procedure is described here using the example of the widely used Windows / mIRC combination which will be suitable for most users. The configuration process but similar designs for other operating systems / IRC clients.

a) mIRC: mIRC only supports SSL version 6.14. So use an older version, you have to update it first. mIRC you can download at the following URL: mIRC download

b) OpenSSL: you get SSL support for example using OpenSSL for Windows. OpenSSL is subject to the GPL and can be downloaded in the current version at the following URL: OpenSSL Download

3. connect to SSL on the IRC bouncer
To get to the mIRC settings, proceed as follows: in mIRC, click on file >, select Server..., connect server. There select your already added IRC-bouncer and then to Edit. Now you can make the following adjustments:
a) customize host
PsyBNC: Connect in any case on ShroudBNC: no change necessary to continue to connect to
b) adjust port
So mIRC to connect with SSL on the IRC bouncer that must understand the port a "+" prefix. Instead of, for example, "28001" so "+ 28001".

ShroudBNC: Here you are the port of IRC-bouncer use details, but also a "+" prefix.

4. the IRC bouncer connect using SSL to IRC
The connection process in the IRC designed which is similar to SSL without SSL. He will also be with the / addserver command. It must precede only a S = the server (first parameter), to let the IRC bouncer know that it should use SSL please. Your IRC bouncer now connects to SSL encryption in the IRC.

An example of the link-NET:

/ sbnc set ssl on
/sbnc set server 7000

Tip 1: Please also keep in mind that not every IRC network SSL support. See instructions for this on the Web page of the respective IRC network.
Tip 2: (only PsyBNC) Please check command, no IRC servers more are in your list that have preceded the does not = S / listservers. If you have such servers still in your list, you delete them with the / delservercommand.