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Set up IRC-bouncer

To set up your IRC bouncer, you first need whose technical data:
at the top of the page you find the first three points in the QuickAccess menu, the password is stored encrypted only. Should you no longer know this, you can use it at any time.

The establishment of a PsyBNCs differs only slightly from a ShroudBNCs. In places where there are differences, we will respond.

For the following examples, it is assumed that your bouncer has this data:
ident "meineident"
Server ""
port "23034"
password "mypassword"
the establishment of the bouncers now consists of two significantly different steps:
connect to the IRC bouncer from you
establish the connection from the IRC bouncer to IRC server
connect to the IRC bouncer from you the connection to the IRC bouncer is made with an IRC client " , we recommend mIRC.

We describe the download and the installation's illustrated and step for step in the tour mIRC installation.

Setting up and connecting to the bouncer is explained in detail in the tour mIRC configuration for IRC-bouncer .

The connection of the IRC bouncer to IRC server
From this point, it is assumed that you are connected to mIRC already correctly to your bouncer.

Defaults to the bouncer / bquit set. In this State, he is not trying to connect to an IRC server.

So the bouncer tries to establish a connection, type: / bconnect after a few seconds, this message appears: [-psyBNC]: Tue Jan 21 14:54:57: user meineident() has no server added ShroudBNC users received a similar message from sBNC.

As the bouncer still doesn't know what IRC server you you want to connect to, you must set this next. To do this, the command is / addserver irc.server.tld: port example: you want to connect your bouncer in the QuakeNet. A QuakeNet server has for example, the address "". Give then / addserver 6667 a to save this the bouncer.

Warning:If you want to actually connect the bouncer in the QuakeNet, you should take care to enter not only a German Server such as, but still some others from other European countries.
Here a small list of addserver commands for the QuakeNet, which you can paste with copy and paste very quickly in your bouncer.

/ addserver 6667 / addserver 6667 / addserver 6667 / addserver 6667 / addserver 6667 / addserver 6667 ShroudBNC:

Users of ShroudBNC bouncers use the command / sbnc set server irc.server.tld port

Example: / sbnc set server 6667 if you wait even few seconds off and everything has worked out, should join the bouncer to a registered IRC server.

Now as usual in IRC to navigate, E.g. through input from / join #shellfire enter an IRC channel.

Note - above all for the case that something does not work the search function.