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Select eggdrop-vhost

To select a new vhost, you find a desire-vhost from our Vhost list first and remember the server number.

So that you can use the desire-vhost, must be the eggdrop on the same server as the vhost.

To do this, choose my eggdrops and there in the table, check whether the eggdrop is already on the correct server. If not, select the link in the "Server" column "change". Follow the instructions to move the eggdrop.

The eggdrop now resides on the same server as the requested vhost.

Case of eggdrop on Server 7 is running, it is necessary to adjust the required vhost in the Web interface. Navigate through my eggdrops to eggdrop-details of the affected eggdrops and select in the box "vhost" the required vhost.

Now must the eggdrop to restart yet, because only after the new connection to IRC, it activates the vhost.