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Permanent sign-on when the BOT on Lol Toolz

Permident command, it is possible to sign permanently for the eggdrop. It must be then every password and handle login if you want to run a command in the channel.

Is required to use this function:
fixed ident and vhost IP, either with a bouncer or on the QuakeNet fashion + x
Pre-installed LOL script
are met this requirement, is it enough for the bot in the query with the command "/ msg < posed > < password > permident nick!user@host" to write.

A shellfire bouncer with ID "test" and the vhost "" would be the correct command so "permident < password > *!" at the fashion + x to do this "permident *!* < password >" command.

The Star (*) before the exclamation mark after the exclamation point for an any ident stands for an arbitrary nickname,.

Has been followed these simple steps, the BOT should hear it now Toolz commands on all Lol, as soon as one is this him from the registered host.