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Mumble - quick start

First, you need the latest Mumble client version. You can get this here (we recommend you use the latest "Stable" version which has been well tested for possible bugs). After the installation, you should run the audio wizard to set up Mumble right.

Your Mumble server is technically ready to use after its activation. First, you should select it in your Service Center QuickAccess bar and set up a secret password for the user "SuperUser".

You should also set up a server password, so that no strangers are able to get onto your server. Single users with individual passwords can also be created. The servername and the welcome message are freely customizable.
To connect to your server, all you need to do is click the link "Verbinden »".

To create channels on your server, you have to be logged in as SuperUser. Important: the SuperUser account in Mumble is solely limited to adminstrative purposes. It can not be used to use voice chat! After Connecting to the Server, you can right click and choose "add" to create channels.