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Integrate TCL script

To include a script, there are basically two ways:
using the script installer
by hand
the script installer is located at the eggdrop details in the box "Scripts", he offers some common scripts for easy installation with a mouse click.

Be the desired script does not have the script installer can be installed, the script by hand must be included. This is done in three easy steps: 1 script upload first must the script be upload:
click the file manager in the eggdrop details.
In file manager, select the desired folder typically "Scripts" or a subfolder,. If desired, create new directory.
Select with a click on "Browse" the TCL script on your own hard drive and upload.
2. edit script the most scripts need a few adjustments:
the newly uploaded file in the file manager click.
, The file is opened and displayed. Usually can be found in the file now for more information about what should be changed. Perform these changes according to your needs.
Then save the file by clicking on 'Save file'.
3. embed script in eggdrop now must the eggdrop adjust still so, it loads the script.
Leaving you the file manager and return to the eggdrop details. (For example, in the above in the orange bar "Eggdrop-Detail" select)
Select the box "Scripts", it appears a list of the scripts that currently loads your eggdrop.
To embed the script now, click on "change". On the page that appears, enter the path to the script just uploaded.
Example: Has your script name "meinscript.tcl" and you have uploaded it to the "scripts" folder, you must enter "scripts/meinscript.tcl".
Save changes by clicking on "Save scripts"
If the eggdrop is not running, it can be started now. If it is already running, choose "rehashen" or enter ".rehash" in the party line so that the bot will load the script.