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Connection in the party line (DCC)

There are basically two ways to get into the party line:
via DCC Chat
via Telnet
, the common and simple way is the DCC Chat, this is described in the following.

Because the connection via Telnet is somewhat complicated, using loved you in the rule only for error analysis, if no connection via DCC can be established.

Type "/ ctcp botname chat", the eggdrop now will contact you and invites you to enter user name and password. The username is your handle. Caution bouncer user:

Should the eggdrop again cancel the DCC connection, you must type: "/ adddcc botname user name password: host: port" is:
Botname the nick of the bots
user name your handle.
Password password eggdrop.
Host of the server on which your eggdrop is.
Port of the Telnet port of your eggdrops.

The bouncer is now trying to permanently maintain the connection. If the eggdrop is not available time, the bouncer reports this constantly in a psyBNC window.
Another advantage of this feature is that you don't have to build a new connection to the bot.