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All Psybnc commands

These commands can the psyBNC window typed or with a prefixed "/" be entered.

The exact parameters of a command can be with / BHELP command display.
BVHOSTSets your vhost
PROXYSets the proxy used to connect
SET USER NAMESets your user name
SETAWAYSets your away text
SETLEAVEMSGSets the LEAVE-MSG, which is displayed when connection isolation
LEAVEQUITIf set to 1, the channels for disconnection will leave
SETAWAYNICKSets an away-Nick, being occupied disconnection
JUMPJumps to the next IRC-server
BQUITTerminates the derzetige server connection
BCONNECTReconnects the server connection terminated by BQUIT
AIDLEEroeglicht / psyBNC AntiIdle prevents
AUTO REJOINEnables/disables auto-rejoin after kick/part
ADDSERVERAdds an IRC-server to server list
DELSERVERDeletes an IRC server with server number
LIST SERVERLists all registered IRC server
ADDOPAdds a user which may get OP from you
DELOPDeletes an OP added about ADDOP
LISTOPSLists all added OPS
ADDAUTOOPA user adds what AutoOp you get
DELAUTOOPDeletes a user number, which was entered as AutoOp.
LISTAUTOOPSLists all registered AutoOps
ADDBANAdds a ban (channel or global)
DELBANDeletes a ban by number
LISTBANSLists all bans
ADDASKAdds a host/bot which you ask off op
DELASKDeletes a host/bot using the number listed to the ADDASK
LISTASKLists the hosts/bots, by which you can request op
ADDIGNOREAdds a hostmask/content filter to the ignores
DELIGNOREDeletes a hostmask/content filter from the ignores
LISTIGNORESDisplays a list of the current ignores
ADDDCCAdds a DCC connection to a bot
LISTDCCLists all DCC connections to bots
DELDCCDeletes a BOT-DCC connection number
DCCCHATOffers a DCC Chat to a user
DCCANSWERAnswered a DCC Chat request of a user's
DCCENABLEEnables/disables DCC thru psyBNC
DCCSENDSends a file to a specified user
DCCGETAccept a DCC file shipping request of a user's
DCCSENDMESends you to the specified file
AUTOGETDCCEnables/disables the automatic receive DCC files
DCCCANCELCancels a DCC Chat or file transfer
PLAYPRIVATELOGReturns the message log
ERASEPRIVATELOGClears the message log
ADDLOGAdds a log source / filter
DELLOGDeletes a registered log source number
LIST LOGSLists all log entries
PLAYTRAFFICLOGEmits the traffic log
ERASETRAFFICLOGErases the traffic log
ENCRYPTEncrypts the conversation to a user or channel
DELENCRYPTRemoves a call encryption
LISTENCRYPTDisplays the list of call encryption