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Shellfire VPN Crypto Edition gives you full access to our Premium Plus VPN service - and you don't have to pay a dime for it! How is that possible? This special version of our software uses your computing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

Like that, you pay with your computing power and are able to enjoy all the benefits of Shellfire VPN Premium Plus for free and without registration and commitment! *

CAUTION: Shellfire VPN Crypto Edition is currently in an early alpha test phase. Crypto mining increases the CPU load compared to the standard edition of Shellfire VPN. Due to the higher heat generation and shorter battery life, we do not recommend running the Crypto Edition on laptop PCs for longer periods of time. We assume no liability in case of hardware damage.

Install Shellfire VPN Crypto Edition only if you are aware of the risks and agree with them.

Tell us your e-mail address to participate in our alpha test. We will contact you exactly 1 time in a few weeks to participate in a survey. Nothing else, we promise!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Crypto Edition offers you full access to our Premium Plus service. We do not ask for money in return. Instead, we use your computing power to mine cryptocurrency. The mining revenue then goes to Shellfire.
Over the last few years, more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies have already emerged, following the example of Bitcoin. Most of these currencies are based on a public blockchain that lists all transactions ever made. They need a decentralized network of "miners"who use their computing power to verify new transactions and thus extend the blockchain. The miners receive a certain number of coins in return for their work as soon as they have successfully added a new block to the existing blockchain.
Crypto Edition gives you free access to Shellfire VPN Premium Plus. The system allows us to offer our premium services even in countries where international payments are difficult or impossible to carry out. In some countries, payments to VPN providers are even monitored, so anyone who sends us money may be subject to investigation. In contrast to most other online payment methods, a "payment" via mining is completely anonymous and free of charge for us. The Crypto Edition is therefore a logical step for us on our way to a free Internet without censorship for all people worldwide.
We've programmed the mining to use only part of your computing power. In addition, the miner runs in the background with low priority, so other programs using the computing power will have higher priority and the mining is slowed down. The effects should normally not be noticeable.
No! We stick to pay-per-use: The mining runs in the background only as long as the VPN connection is active. As soon as you disconnect, the mining stops and you will have 100% of your hardware resources available again.
On laptops, a shorter battery life is to be expected due to the increased CPU load. If batterly life is an important factor for you, we recommend that you use our paid Shellfire VPN Premium Plus service instead. Due to the higher CPU load from mining, your computer's power consumption will slightly increase with the VPN connection enabled.
Computers are designed in a way that they can cope with a CPU load of 100% over the longer term. The Crypto Edition uses much less than this, so there should normally be no danger to your hardware. It is important that the cooling of your processor and the housing is working fine, because the mining process results in a higher heat generation. A slightly higher noise level can be expected due to the greater stress on the computer's cooling. It is also possible that the wear and tear of the fans on your PC will progress faster. You should pay attention to a well functioning cooling, especially on laptops. We recommend that you do not run Shellfire VPN Crypto Edition on laptops for long periods (several hours at a time). In case of a heat build-up in the housing, your computer may become temporarily unstable and in extreme cases it may also suffer permanent damage. We accept no liability for any damage to your hardware.
At the moment we exclusively mine the cryptocurrency Monero. For this purpose, we use the open source software xmrig. In the current alpha version we only use your processor (CPU) for mining. Mining with the graphics card (GPU) is also planned for the future. This should enable users of older laptops to participate, whose CPU alone does not allow sufficiently profitable mining.
The Crypto Edition runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, in both 32 and 64 bit. Support for other operating systems is currently not planned.
It is not easy to name fixed system requirements. We have defined a lower limit of computing power at which mining is no longer profitable for us. We will adjust this limit in the future, depending on how the Monero price and the mining network develops, in order to avoid making losses. Currently, a modern desktop or laptop computer with Quad-Core CPU is sufficient. Some Dual-Core computers will miss the minimum, but as soon as we have implemented the planned mining via GPU, these computers may have another chance to use the Crypto Edition.

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