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Hard to believe, but even Turkey sends her celebrities into the jungle. In Survivor there are even two camps: one inhabited by eight celebrities, the other by people like you and me. Of course, nobody wants to miss the exciting challenges!

For several years, the series Çalıkuşuhas kept its fans glued to their screens. For those not enthusiastic about love in the Ottoman Empire, perhaps being dragged into the corruption and crime of Uçurum is preferable.

Sunday evenings are firmly reserved for Galatasaray Istanbul games.

To avoid missing out on these exciting programs abroad, there are a few obstacles to overcome: the so-called “geo-block” prevents unrestricted viewing of Turkish channels over the Internet. But this can be by-passed, making it possible for you to watch Turkish TV around the clock even when you are not in Turkey.

Watching Turkish TV Abroad for Free – is it Possible?

Unfortunately, the geo-block activates a barrier which prevents you from accessing your favourite TV highlights outside of Turkey. The reason you cannot stream Turkish channels is your IP address, which when checked by the geo-block, shows that you are watching from abroad and not Turkey. What you must do now is obvious, namely, duping the geo-block with a Turkish IP address.

A VPN helps you do this and more, additionally encrypting all your data traffic.

What is a VPN?

A VPN connects your through a foreign server—in our case, the server has a Turkish IP address which is sent through the tunnel to you in your country, allowing you to watch your favourite programs abroad and stay completely anonymous. The data transfer is encrypted, and nobody sees what you send through the tunnel, and that’s how you can quite legally watch Turkish TV.

Client VPN Setup in Just 3 Steps

How does it work? First, you need to set up a Client VPN, which is quick and easy:

  1. Download the Client VPN Shellfire. Install it on the device where you want to receive the Turkish TV program, for example, on your PC, mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Open the VPN software or app and connect to a Turkish server.
  3. You now have a Turkish IP address and can easily access the online channels that locked you out before without any problems as long as the software is running.

Perhaps this is too complicated for you, or you also want to watch Turkish TV on Smart TV, PlayStation or Xbox. A Turkish IP Address would still be necessary, but little else could be done, because the right software can’t often be installed on these devices.

Again, help is in sight, namely, the Shellfire Box. This VPN-Router is no bigger than a matchbox and can easily be connected to your router via plug and play. Now your viewing pleasure is complete and Turkish TV can be viewed on all devices connected via your Wi-Fi network.

The Most Popular Turkish Channels and Their Programs

Euro D

Euro D is one of the most watched channels offering round-the-clock entertainment. It is mainly series, talk shows, blockbusters and magazine programs.

The Beyaz Show is a long-running hit that started in 1996, which provides relaxed family entertainment on Friday nights. Presenter Beyazit Öztürk has already hosted well-known TV favourites such as Kaya Yanar and Stefan Raab in Germany.

Other Popular Broadcasts:

  • Yeni Bir Ben
  • Magazin D Pazar

Kanal 7 AVRUPA

This station brings the entire family in front of the television. In addition to broadcasts focussing on Turkish art and culture, it is also features reporting from all over the world, and there are many sports programs.

Popular Program Items:

  • Elif
  • Ikimizin Yerine
  • Sev Yeter


Since the summer of 2004, this music station is a must with the younger audience. Its trendy music clips are now also flickering across screens across the world and you can watch interviews with your favourite stars. Fans of MFÖ, Emrah, Nilüfer, Edis, Cem Belevi or Bengü can breathe a sigh of relief.


This station has managed to catapult itself into the Top 5 most popular Turkish channels within a short time. Here shows are given priority. For Turks living in Europe there are special magazines with their own advertising under TV8 INT.

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